The Hornets should trade Eric Gordon

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The Hornets should trade Eric Gordon

Guys I know when Gordon is on he can put 25 up on anybody. He's a nice young player, but he's already said he didn't want to be there. Also him and his agent want a huge deal, which I would give him but some thing keep me from saying yes. 1. The fact that he's 6 foot 3... He'll never be a great defensive player also he's not a good rebounder at all 2.The guy missed 20 games in 2010, 30 games in 2011 and 57 games this last year also he was hurt in his only year of collage... So how great can you be if you don't play?

Some trades I would look at

Blazers for their 6th pick and Matthews.

Would give the Hornets the 1st, 6th and 10th picks. Could end up with Davis, Liilard and Ross or Jones to go along with Matthews.

Wiz or Bobcats for picks 2 or 3.

Maybe both of theses teams would want Gordon over a rookie. And again Hornets would have three picks.

Hornets g

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I disagree with the fact that you said he'll never be a great defensive player, as that's one of his best attributes as a player; he's surprisingly good on D for his size. I'm more concerned about the fact that he's the SG version of Greg Oden in that he cannot for the life of him stay on the floor. I think if they can get a good offer for him, that'd be great. However, it'd require matching any ridiculous contract that gets thrown at him (and he'll get max offers, I'm sure), so getting good value back may be difficult. My gut tells me that EG will end up with the pacers, perhaps the hornets can see if they can get draft picks or one of their younguns in return (perhaps George?)

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After seeing his defense in

After seeing his defense in the playoffs I wouldn't trade George for Gordon.

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Doubt EG would sign with the

Doubt EG would sign with the Bobcats

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imagine the hornets get

imagine the hornets get something like

davis (1)

drummond (6)

pj3 (10)

i would stack potential players and aim super hi, develop for another year and get in the lotto next year

if they can get picks for gordon, do it. he might leave anyway

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They should of been traded

They should of been traded him wen he said he wanted 2 play 4 the Pacers

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EJ wasn't happy about being

EJ wasn't happy about being traded from the Clippers, but he never said he didn't want to be in New Orleans. He's only said he plans to test free-agency.

I also disagree about him never being a great defensive player... He's already a very good defender right now who can defend all perimeter positions. He's only 6' 3", but he plays bigger than what he is due to the fact he has a 6' 9" wingspan.

The injuries have been a concern. He plays like a bowling ball and he'll have to adjust his style of play somewhat to avoid some of the hard falls to the floor. All of his injuries have been somewhat minor until the knee surgery to remove some debris. Even that is a standard procedure tons of athletes receive. He takes great care of his body in the off-season... I can't see his entire career going this way.

Based on reports, he's been in New Orleans so far this off-season working out, talking with Monty Williams/Dell Demps and has watched prospects work out. He's said he'll still test free-agency, but maybe he's getting more comfortable with the thought of staying long term in New Orleans.

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They should have taken that Rondo trade

From the Celtics. Bad mistake.

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Testing free agency while

Testing free agency while being a restricted free agent can be tricky. The Hornets still have the power to keep him no matter what if they desire. The question is who is going to give him the money he is looking for and will New Orleans match the offer. He could sign an offer sheet with the Bobcats or some other team who would overpay him in hopes that the Hornets do match and then end up being stuck somewhere he doesn't want to be. If I am New Orleans if someone gives him 10 million a season I would let him walk and save the cap room to reload eventually.

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Man if the Hornets could have #1,6, and 10 in this draft, that would be amazing. In this deep draft, they would love that trade.

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I am in favor for 6th and

I am in favor for 6th and Matthews for Gordon. I bet Portland would jump on this as well. Hornets get a solid 2 guard to go along with 3 lottery picks? Really doesn't get much better than that for rebuilding

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Yes , trade him! I have a feeling he is going to demand $16-$18 million a year from someone and he will get it. He is a good player , just not a great one and N.O. paying him that kind of money will hinder the rebuilding process. This will be like the Joe Johnson deal ATL signed him to a few years ago , yea you will make the playoffs. You just won't ever win a championship with Eric Gordon making that kind of money. Sign and trade him for a couple more first round picks and follow what the Thunder did to build your team N.O.

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I'm not sure how great of

I'm not sure how great of value they'd get for him in return... And if they do get a bunch of high first round picks for him those can be like rolling the dice no matter how well they draft.. Not to mention the fact that very rarely are draft picks ready to play at the top of their game right away so there would be a number of seasons before they are even close to contention which can be more damaging the franchise as a whole... I say hold onto him and be patient unless they get offered a deal they can't refuse..

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It's funny to me how people

It's funny to me how people try to rush the rebuilding process... Let's say they take the Blazers deal.

With the three picks they end up with Davis, Drummond and Terrence Jones also Matthews at SG.

Thats a monster front line...

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Gordon in Washington?

It's an intriguing idea to think about the Wizards trading the 3rd pick in the draft to New Orleans for Eric Gordon. This trade could really work out for both sides. Washington would get the shooting guard that they so desperately need so they can move Jordan Crawford to the 6th man role where he will be more effecting scoring off of the bench, and New Orleans would get the 3rd pick in the draft which they could use to select a small forward like Kidd-Gilchrist or Barnes. This is what the teams would look like afterward:

Wizards: John Wall - Eric Gordon - Chris Singleton - Kevin Seraphin - Nene

Shelvin Mack - Jordan Crawford - Jeff Taylor (32nd overall) - Jan Vesely - Andray Blatche

This team could sure as hell run the floor and would be filled with athleticism. Plus, they'd get a 20 PPG scorer in Gordon to take the load of of John Wall and help him create some offense for himself and for others.

Hornets: Jarrett Jack - Austin Rivers (10th overall) - Trever Ariza - Anthony Davis (1st overall) - Chris Kaman (re-signed)

Greivis Vazquez - Marco Bellinelli - Harrison Barnes (3rd overall) - Al Farouq-Aminu - Free Agent Center (Amnesty Emeka Okafor)

This team would have a solid mixture of good young talent and veterans who can get the job done. It'll be interesting to see if New Orleans does trade Eric Gordon, but if they do, I think trading him to Washington for the 3rd overall pick in the draft could prove beneficial to both teams.

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Stay away

As much as I like homeboy's talent I think it is gonna be hard for Gordon to get the money he's gonna want and any team that wants him so bad should probably wait. The dude is just to injury prone and the wiz are only a full year removed from the Gilbert Arenas debacle. NO way Leonsis let's the 3rd go to pay Gordon the 15 mil or more he's gonna want. I could see a deal involving Crawford, the 2 second rounders, and Singleton/Vesely but that shouldn't be enticing enough for the Hornets. If the Wiz trade the 3rd it will be for solid proven resources, no halfway hopes.

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That portland trade sounds

That portland trade sounds reasonable..... just one negative

Eric Gordon + Portland medical trainers = injuries / games missed

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The trade I like...

1st, I really like Eric Gordon's game but I just don't think with his injury history he's worth what he'll likly be asking for. Now I wouldent normally say trade an accet like EG away but if this could happen I'd be all for it...

CAVS get... Gordon & Ariza

HORNETS get... #4 & #24

Hornets Draft

1. Anthony Davis PF

4. Andre Drummond C

10. Austin Rivers SG

24. Tony Wroton Jr. PG

Hornets build for future out of very deep draft and starting 5 looks like this...

1. Wroton Jr. - Extremly raw now but has alot of comparaisons to Michael Westbrook when he came out.

2. Rivers - Docs boy can stroke it and has been knowing Monty since he was a baby.

3. Aminu - Check his stats, dude can develop into a defensive beast under Monty an still only 21.

4. Davis - The franchise cornerstone, NUFF SAID!!!

5. Drummond - The risk pick but the one to make this team special if it pans out!

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Hornets + 4 rookies = stunted

Hornets + 4 rookies = stunted development and no one reaching their potential. It takes time to develop young guys. Having them all at once quickly devolves into a mess, particularly defensively.

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It would make sense, but I

It would make sense, but I read that the Hornets are mainly interested in deals that would ship out Ariza's and Okafor's contracts (with the 10th pick). Perhaps they can work some deal with those pieces and Gordon, so that they don't lose Gordon for nothing if they don't match a crazy contract, but It'd be tough to find a taker for that deal. Two bad contracts on serviceable players, a young player that wants to test FA, and only a late-ish lottery pick. I can't see any team willing to take that on.

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They can match any Gordon

They can match any Gordon offer. They will NOT!!!! lose him for nothing.

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