Hornets offseason

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Hornets offseason

What should the Hornets do this offseason to build around Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers?

1)I think they should re-sign Eric Gordon

2)trade for Andre Iguodala-can handle the ball and bring it up the court

Andre Iguodala for a 1 round draft pick, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Jarrett Jack since they think Austin Rivers will be the pg of the future

3) Sign Marcus Camby- he will block shots and get rebs

PG-Austin Rivers/Greivis Vasquez/ Eric Gordon

SG-Eric Gordon/Xavier Henry/Austin Rivers

SF-Andre Iguodala/ Darius Miller/Xavier Henry

PF-Anthony Davis/Jason Smith/Gustavo Ayon

C-Marcus Camby/Jason Smith/Anthony Davis

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Sounds good

This sounds good, but easier said then done. Really doubt Philly takes that deal when they rejected much better offers before the draft from Toronto and Golden State.

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If I'm the Hornets I wouldn't

If I'm the Hornets I wouldn't go after Iguodala because he is a natural Sg. I'd consider signing someone like Jeff Green. He can knock down some shots and defends quite well. I agree with signing Camby though, Davis can learn so much from him.

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As a Hornets fan Im hoping we

As a Hornets fan Im hoping we can pull in Javale McGee since they do not want to pay him Nene type money. A Davis/McGee/Aminu front line offers a lot of length and athleticism to attribute to Monty Williams defense first mentality.

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