Hornets draft

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Hornets draft

The Charlotte Hornets are in a real intersting situation come draft time thos year. Assuming Henderson doesnt opt out, they have a starting 5 that is set for next year

PG: Kemba, Brian Roberts

SG: Henderson

SF: MKG, Marvin Williams

PF: Zeller, Vonleh

C: Biz (played great this year, Al opts out..),

I really want the to pursue Welsey Matthews in FA, as he is a perfect fit with this team.

So when it comes to the draft we have no immediate needs...

Some prospects i like assuming our pick is from 12-16

1. Devin Booker- Kid is a offensive juggernaunt with a klay thompson build and style of play

2. Myles Turner- Great all around Center, doubt he falls

3. Hezonja

4. Winslow

5. Grant

6. Tyus Jones

what do you guys think? Booker and Kemba could be a nasty backcourt, with an excellent defensive frontcourt to match.

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I think the glaring need for

I think the glaring need for Charlotte is perimeter shooting. Looking at the list of guys you included for a potential lineup next year there are not nearly enough shooters to keep a defense honest.

Booker, Hezonja, Oubre- All three who I dont think will be available come that 12-16 range but a guy who likely will be available is Justin Anderson. He's a big strong kid can shoot it and will get after it defensively. He would be a good fit on just about any team.

If youre willing to be a bit patient another intriguing kid is LaVert from Michigan- the 12-16 range might be a bit of a reach for him not knowing how his injury is doing and all.

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The Hornets badly need

The Hornets badly need outside shooting. Of those first four you listed, only Booker will be available, IMO, and should be pounced on.

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AT this point I would draft

AT this point I would draft the best talent I would Say Willie even tho we have interior presence already, but you can never have to many big men. Jerian Grant would def help and booker

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i think they are in a tough

i think they are in a tough spot. i would agree they need perimeter shooting but i also think with hairston, stephenson and henderson; they shouldn't add another sg but focus on sf or even pg. i'd be targeting jerian grant or justin anderson. guys that are versatile, athletic and can shoot.

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I think RJ Hunter and Jake Layman will eventually move up the boards as well. They could work in Charlotte.

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