After watching three summer league games for the Heat, I have been consistently impressed by Scotty Hopson's play thus far. Is there any chance he will make it onto a team in the league this year, or is it back to the Israeli league for another year?

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He's stood out to me as well

He's stood out to me as well as much more well rounded and confident, but understand he's also a summer league veteran which isn't always a good thing.

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Consistency has always been

Consistency has always been his issue dating back to his days at UT. He's always been a great leaper with good length and good range on his shot. But, he'll have games where you think he's an NBA ready shooting guard and then games where you don't even realize he's out there. Haven't been able to see him recently, but his ceiling is high and it seems he's getting closer to reaching it.

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Too early to tell. I like

Too early to tell.
I like that Ian Clark kid though. Kid can defend and he can stroke it (nh).

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Von wafer

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