Hoping for the Bulls to repeat history

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Hoping for the Bulls to repeat history

The last several year Kirk Hinrich and Rip Hamilton, and the careers of Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer have shown that they will most likely get hurt at some point and miss an extended period of time. Loul Deng has also been known to be often injured. That combination of players is the Bulls starting line up. History has also proven that Tom Thibodeau likes to play his starters. Noah is playing almost 40 minutes per game this year, up from 30 per last year, and Deng, his typical 40. If history repeats itself, the Bulls bench will be playing big minutes. Eww!

That would mean two things, a lot more twitter and other things while I am watching the Bulls, and a lottery pick in 2013.

I would be hoping for Ben McLemore but there are a lot of solid players in this draft. I am afraid that McLemore might be a little too nice and lacks that killer instinct but everything else about him says superstar. Other players I would be hoping for - Jamaal Franklin, Willie Cauley-Stein, Mason Plumlee, Andre Roberson.

The Bulls have struggled to score and win games and might not make the playoffs let alone if one or more of the starters should miss any length of time. I don't wish any injury or pain on anyone but I am hoping for history to repeat it itself. I think if they do struggle, the less likely they are to rush Rose back also.

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That's like saying I don't

That's like saying I don't wish death upon you but I hope you die.

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