In honor of the New Orleans PELICANS!

So...The Hornets release their new logo today...The Pelican!!! Not really sure how I feel about the name change, but I'm sure most of you have your doubts.

Pelicans have some rich history apparently. They're the state bird of Louisiana, but for all the gangsters out there, they might be better known from the movie "Scarface."

Will the Pelicans intimidate their opponents with their pretty feathers and long beak? Probably not. But if they ever play an NBA team called the "Pigeons", they might eat those suckers alive!

On a side note...Here's possibly the sickest game winning buzzer beater shot you'll ever see. Happened last night in a women's college game.

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The logo makes a pelican look

The logo makes a pelican look more threatening it already wasn't.

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I don't mind the Pelicans.

I don't mind the Pelicans. Charlotte is apparently going to change back to the Hornets? Ithought I read something about that?

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Charlotte is looking into it,

Charlotte is looking into it, but at this point nothing has been decided.

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Yes. We are already rocking

Yes. We are already rocking hornets gear down here

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I still think it should be this lmao
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I thought the Nick Name ''The

I thought the Nick Name ''The Krewe'' was pretty cool....

I can imagine now, the signs of Anthony Davis's face on that Pelicans body at arenas around the league.....

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