Holiday trade in holding pattern

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Holiday trade in holding pattern

ORLANDO - The New Orleans Pelicans held a news conference yesterday to introduce one of their new players. That player wasn't Jrue Holiday, though, it was Tyreke Evans. The Pelicans couldn't mention Holiday's name because the trade with the Sixers that eventually will bring Nerlens Noel and a first-round pick to Philadelphia still hasn't been finalized. "Could be sometime early next week," said one source. The problem seems to be that Holiday is still on his honeymoon. Something apparently has to be completed with him present, whether it be a physical or signing paperwork. So don't expect any Noel introduction (most likely not at the Constitution Center) anytime soon, at least not until early next week.

In case anyone else was wondering what was holding up the trade from being official.

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old news

that was announced the day of the trade. Nothing new.

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Was anybody even wondering? I

Was anybody even wondering? I didn't even know there was a hold up.

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He has a press conference in

He has a press conference in New Orleans today at 6:30 its official now

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If Noel was healthy who's

If Noel was healthy who's summer league team would he be playing on then? Could he not play for sixers until deal is done? If so he would have missed the Orlando league thus the entire summer league for what he's concerned.

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Is his knee even ready to play summer league games? I highly doubt that he'd see action even if medically cleared due to injury risk.

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I love that they grabbed

I love that they grabbed Nerlens and MCW. Perfect picks for their needs. MCW is a project and he'll, overall, be bad for a little while. Nerlens has no offense... yet. In a few years, when Williams learns to shoot and Noel gets post moves, they'll have finished near the bottom and their draft picks should net them serious guys, especially this year. Point being, grabbing guys that are far away will help everything come together at the same time. I hope.

This move made me a 76ers fan.

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