Hilarious incident in Greek A2

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Hilarious incident in Greek A2

Celtics President Danny Ainge and GM Ryan McDonough were in Volos,Greece to watch the super-talented Giannis Adetokubo but they were not prepared for what they encountered... Niki Volou (the opposing team) fans confused Danny Ainge for a Filathlitikos (Adetokubo's team) member of the board and started booing him and accusing him of fixing matches with Niki Volou's rivals. After they learned who he is they started singing Laker chants. Giannis Adetokoubo apparently had a great game. 19 points with 3 threepointers, 9 rebounds and 1 steal.

I am Greek but ,holy shit, i LAUGHED HARD when i learned it.

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Danny Ainge

is actually 100% Greek so the mistake is understandable. Ainge had a great NBA career, but he understood early that the NBA has a long history of racist exclusion of all Greek Ballers so he hid his nationality prior to entering the draft. I have this on a strong anonymous (EuroBaller) source.

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A Greek Mormon...Nice Combo

A Greek Mormon...Nice Combo

European Basket...
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UPDATE: Filathlitikos beat Niki Volou 75-70. Adetocunbo had 19 points, 9 rebounds, 1 steal, and 2 blocks, and Ainge was taking his notes from a court side seat between the scorers table and the guests’ bench. When the home team lost, its fans started cursing at the winners, and also at Ainge. They thought he was someone affiliated with Filathlitikos. When they were informed who he was, they started shouting at him that everyone in Volos is a fan of the Lakers.

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ya know, euroballer

It's ok to not be the expert on everything Greek. basically repeating what this guy said happened is not a smart move

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Nothing meaningful can be

Nothing meaningful can be said about Greece if it isn't said by EB himself.

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