Highly disappointed in Austin Rivers

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Highly disappointed in Austin Rivers

I was a really big fan of the kid, but I don't recognize the guy I see playing summer league. He is very tentative and has not shown that great 1st step that made him so indefensible. What's most apparent is his lack of strength, he is getting pushed around and can't finish through contact. I'm seriously doubting his impact on the league at this point

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Wow relax it is just summer

Wow relax it is just summer league. I remember a certain young man named Derrick Rose stinking up the joint in summer league.

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Yeah seriously, Its not like

Yeah seriously, Its not like summer league matters or anything. I know its your first assessment of him in the NBA after college, but give it a rest. I'd like to see what you would do if you were in the same situation he was in.

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It's only 1 game, and he's

It's only 1 game, and he's playing a new position. New Orleans has been playing him at the pg so it must be a bit of an adjustment for him. But yea i agree, he doesn't seem all that aggressive. Def needs to add muscle to his frame. Haven't seen much of his jumper either. was pleasantly suprised by his playmaking skills today tho. found the open man often

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I really wonder what they plan in the backcourt down there. They have enough confidence that Rivers and Gordon can coexist that they let go of Jarrett (spelling?) Jack. I know one summer league game really is too quick to judge, but Rivers didn't even look like he was really trying to facilitate an offense. Well, he was- his own. I really question the decision to let Jack go, because Rivers has A TON of work to do in the facilitating/playmaking department. He also looked vulnerable on D, maybe hitting the weightroom will be good for him. I hope he can prove me wrong and eventually become a good distributor, because if he can't, I can't see him starting over EG anytime soon.

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It's weird, I agree I haven't

It's weird, I agree I haven't seen the explosive first step I saw in college here in summer league, but laterally with the ball and his crossovers he's looking quicker than he did in college, weird.

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Way too early to make an assessment

It's way too early to make any sort of meaningful assessment of Austin Rivers or any of the newcomers to the league. I'm a huge doubter of Austin Rivers (especially if he's supposed to be a PG), but I'm definitely not taking this as some sort of affirmation of my position. Really all I'm seeing is a kid who's been struggling, pressing a little bit, and consequenly, becoming a little tentative. This is definitely understandable considering they've got him mostly playing the point--something he's never really done before. I would have been blown away if he came out in Summer League looking like some kind of elite, Deron Williams style PG. This is to be expected.

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He's 19 years old and two

He's 19 years old and two games into summer league (or is it one game?) and you're seriously doubting his impact in the league?? lmao

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His last game from a point

His last game from a point guard perspective looked good stats wise. I didnt see it so did he actually appear to have some control of the offense. I think what he is doing in summer league will help him long term. I am sure he could have just chuck it up and got his points but he is learning a new position and maybe he can do it. Me personally I never saw him as a point guard but the thing is maybe he can be an Arenas type point guard.

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Rivers has not looked good.

Rivers has not looked good. Scoring is supposed to be his strength but he's had a lot of difficulty putting the ball in the basket, too much difficulty for the level of competition. Also, for all the raves about his first step and quickness, the two small guards who come off the bench behind him have gotten into the paint easier than him.

On a positive note, I saw Rivers employ a nice change of pace hesitation dribble to get to the basket in the second half. It was like he started to understand that he can't try to go 100 mph to the basket everytime.

An aspect that his oddly missing from his game is the ability to push the ball and go coast to coast. That's an element most of the top guards/perimeter players have in their game. Hell, if you took away Westbrook's transition game, about half of his points would disappear, maybe more. He's strictly a halfcourt guard. I haven't seen him ever put the defense on its heels with his speed and ballhandling in the open court in high school, at Duke and thus far in the Summer League.

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You doin too a

You doin too a fair weather after one game? Really??

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Many of you guys are making

Many of you guys are making comments and didn't even watch him play the second game, if your looking at box scores you slhouldnt post an opinion. I watch his every possession & saw some alarming struggles, its not even his pg play, it's really his lack of ability to score on physical play. That will become the scouting report on him

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jus like Waiters

yeah there both bust and should be cut- loooooooooool.

relax folks it early. SL comp might be lower level but the effort is way high in most of the games I saw. Very scrappy, holding hard fouls on the drive

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I still don't know why this

I still don't know why this kid can't hit his free throws. He'd better out there if he wasn't going 4 for 8.

Anyway, 5 assists and only 2 turnovers was a big improvement in this PG experiment. Rivers took no three point attempts (after shooting 1 for 8 in the first game). Kind of interesting how intentional they are working on stuff. Coaches definitely took away the green light from downtown, probably to get him focused more on his teamates.

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if rivers is a bust after a couple games playing a new position in summer league waiters must be the next biggest bust of all times pullin the c webb in first game this post makes me continue too smh and lol its summer league bro

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The guy has played point

The guy has played point guard for 2 games. Chill out buddy.

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Players will look better when

They are playing with other guys who have to get doubled. I think Austin has done ok. He gets in the lane and lives at the line wich was expected.

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Steph Curry was almost in the

Steph Curry was almost in the 50,40,90 club in his sophomore season and shot 32% from the feild in 5 games during the Summer League after his rookie year. I may have to dip out of this forum until summer league is over....smh

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My suggestion is don't get

My suggestion is don't get too fired up or bummed about anyone's summer league performance.

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He's done, cut him. In

He's done, cut him.

In other news, Sullinger is now in the HOF.

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I am not concerned about SL

I am not concerned about SL in th slightest so wont comment on that. I am concerned with him not being put into a good situation for him to be able to learn the PG position. Thats why I was sort of puzzled by them getting rid of Jack. Kendall Marshall is a pure PG and still he has the luxury of playing behind Dragic. Rivers is converting and has to jump right in....just not a good idea at all IMO.

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Anyone judging a player on a

Anyone judging a player on a summer league game or two, labeling him a "disappointment" is just foolish. These same people are still talking about Evan Turner and Derrick Favors haven't gotten the neccessary opportunity yet and theres still hope for them to be stars. C'mon.

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