High School Busts

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High School Busts

High School rankings have been proven to not be very accurate throughout the years. Every year since ESPN began doing their Top 100 rankings, there have been several Top 10 and highly ranked McDonalds All American bound players who ended up being average or below average at the college level who never or barely made it to the NBA.

Austin Freeman (#7, Georgetown, Undrafted in 2011)
Corey Fisher (#11, Villinova, Undrafted in 2011)
Corey Stokes (#15, Villinova, Undrafted in 2011)

Samardo Samuels (#2, Louisville, Undrafted in 2010, played with Cleveland, wasn't terrible in the NBA but was way too overrated in high school)
JaMychal Green (#6, Alabama, Undrafted in 2012, probably should have been drafted but also ranked too high)
Scotty Hopson (#9, Tennessee, Undrafted in 2011)
Willie Warren (#10, Oklahoma, 2nd Round Pick in 2010 but went out the league fast)

Renardo Sidney (#7, Mississippi State, Undrafted in 2012, He was so out of shape and so troubled off the court that he couldn't even make the D-League)
Kenny Boynton (#9, Florida, Undrafted in 2013, had a solid career at Florida but again, ranked too high)
Tiny Gallon (#11, Oklahoma, 2nd Round Pick in 2010 but never appeared in one NBA game)
Wally Judge (#15, Kansas State and Rutgers, going into 5th year eligibility)

2010 was ESPN's most accurate charts as far as the Top 15

Not calling this one a bust but Josh Selby (#5, Kansas, 2nd Round Pick in 2011, very talented but found himself out of the league at the second half of last season, I'll be surprised of he doesn't find a team next year but he was obviously nowhere near the 4th best player in the class of 2010.

Josh Hairston (#19, Duke, Senior to be, this guy shouldn't even be a key off the bench player going into his 4th year in the program)
Joshua Smith (#20, UCLA and Georgetown, Senior to be, had good potential but he got even fatter after high school and can now can barely get up and down the court)
Jereme Richmond (#23, Illinois, Undrafted in 2011, Got limited minutes his one and only year in college, went undrafted, spent almost a year in jail and is now playing for a small league that plays their home games in a high school gym)

Adonis Thomas (#9, Memphis, Undrafted in 2013, had no true position at the NBA level, too small to play SF at the NBA level at 6'6 and has no outside game)
Not calling this one a bust either but.. Myck Kabongo (#11, Texas, Undrafted in 2013, surprised me a lot that he went Undrafted but played terrible in the summer league and now remains questionable if he will ever make the league)
Josiah Turner (#15, Arizona, Undrafted in 2013, got in too much trouble his one year of college, kicked off of Arizona's team and went pro in Canada)

Which prospects in recent years such as 2012 and 2013 could end up being on another one of these lists?

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One guy who I project will

One guy who I project will soon be up there is Tony Parker from UCLA. Watched UCLA play a lot last year and he's just like a bowling ball going up and down the court. Terrible footwork, way too slow and is just a not as fat version of Renardo Sidney. He will definitely never find himself on an NBA roster.

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my bust.

My two bust picks come from the same class, 2004 McDonald's team.

Sebastian Telfair: Was on covers of mags and still in HS. True he's been a journeymen in the league, but hasn't lived up to the hype/skill level that everyone was talking about back in high school.
Still unable to hit two mid-range shots in a row.

Darius Washington: Came out of Florida and played at Memphis. What I saw of him, really just an average college player, never knew where the hype came from??? But he thought he was King Washington!

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Lance I

Lance I know that he is improved a TON with the Pacers but the hype surrounding "Born Ready" coming out of Lincoln High School in Brooklyn was ridiculous. I really applaud the guy for maturing and improving his game in Indiana, but he stills has a ways to go before he can match the hype he had in HS. I don't remember his HS ranking but I think he was somewhere near top ten in his class. Work on that J Lance...

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Bust is too strong of a word

Bust is too strong of a word for these guys. I stopped reading after 2007 when you called Austin Freeman (made at least 1, probably 2 All Big-East teams), Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes who were all pretty damn good college players busts or mediocre college players. Just because a highly touted high school prospect doesn't make it to the league doesn't automatically make him a bust.

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Hendrix was drafted in the

Hendrix was drafted in the second round whenever he came out. But I agree with you on everybody on this list.

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I don't these were high

I don't these were high school busts per se, their games or athletic abilities just weren't suited for the league. Most of those players were good or talented college players they just couldn't adjust to the league, they didn't have a position or weren't athletic enough.

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BJ Mullens, Ohio State

2008 BJ Mullens. He was a top recruit on some sites, mcdonalds all-American, some people thought he was better than Oden. He didn't even start for the Buckeyes that year. He came out for the draft anyways after a pretty bad year at OSU. He wasn't even the best freshman on the team ( William Buford). He would of benefited by coming back but he thought he was better than what he was. He got drafted by OKC, played for Charlotte this year and was okay, but hes too soft for the NBA. I played against him in high school and thought he was such a waste at 7'1.

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Also in 2008 Paul George,

Also in 2008 Paul George, Damian Lillard and Gordon Hayward weren't even ranked

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You can only scout a Guy in

You can only scout a Guy in High School so well. And once Again its High-school rankings( Kids that are gettin ranked by their talents against other high schools)And not all High schools are like Findley Prep or Oak Hill. You can be a Decent player and Make yourself look unstoppable against a Team with a Whole Bunch Of Country White Boys that Farm but then Deceide to Play on a bAsketball team just because.So Yea more than likely there Rankings will be off and Most the time they dont even get to see the top players play against each other unless at Summer Camp and these gUys that there ranking barely even reached Puberty still, Peeing in the Bed. So No duh there rankings will be off

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under the radar guys with a

under the radar guys with a chip on their shoulder came onto the scene. Many of those people you call busts either had an unfortunate lack of athleticsm or work ethic but they were good high school players and deserved the rankings. I would challenge qDizzle32 to rank hs players and he can criticize himself in 5 years.

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HS rankings are less accurate

HS rankings are less accurate as predictors than NBA draft orders. Just look at the success rate of draft picks.
Keep in mind that some players are ranked as high as they are because of how good they are at the moment, not how they project as NBA players.

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Some of those will go on to

Some of those guys will go on to pretty good careers abroad, not saying they arent busts NBA wise, but they are still really good basketball players and will make good money playing it and get to see the world. I would almost rather be a top 20 player in europe then be the 14th man on an average team. They get to see the world, make 500k to a million dollars a year after taxes and do something they love.

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Take a look at's

Take a look at's top 5 guys for the class of 2005

1. Gerald Green
2. Josh McRoberts
3. Monta Ellis
4. Andray Blatche
5. Martell Webster
Obviously this isn't a terrible list of guys as they are all still in the NBA but here a few guys ranked below them

6. Andrew Bynum
7. Lou Williams
31. Danny Green
44. Wilson Chandler
75. Chris Douglas-Roberts (think more college than pro with him)
85. Wes Matthews Jr.
100. Darren Collison

I would definitely take the 2nd group of guys over the 1st group

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Has anyone mentioned Anthony

Has anyone mentioned Anthony Randolph? I don't recall his HS ratings but he has bounced around in his short career

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You all have to also

You all have to also understand that those rankings are projections of high school players to college, not to the league. Samardo Samuels was ranked so high because, even at 6'8, there wasn't a player in college save for a select few that could handle his strength along with his skills. Selby was a 6'1 shooting guard, obviously not a future All-NBAer but his offensive skill set was so dominant that he projected to be an All-American. These sites aren't projecting future pros.

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Randolph Morris Johnathon

Randolph Morris
Johnathon Bender

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