High School Basketball Class of 2017 Freshmen Watch List!!!

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High School Basketball Class of 2017 Freshmen Watch List!!!

Awwww we go's time for another crop of incoming HS freshmen ready to begin their basketball journey's.

If you recall, last year I posted a similar article featuring the c/o 2016...and nearly all national rankings for that class have been made up from those players.

Before Seventh Woods went viral, before people went crazy over Harry Giles, before Thon Maker started to do his thing...they were first featured on last years Freshmen Watch List.

All I'm saying is while these players may be young, a lot of them are on the verge of blowing up. Some of them even have NBA Draft.Net player profiles already. Now that's big-time :)

With that being said, here's this years HS Basketball c/o 2017 Freshmen Watch List. Enjoy!





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Can you also provide us with

Can you also provide us with the top up and coming Pre-K players as well? I here lil Leroy is banging on anyone and everyone on the fisher price goals. Kids r Kids all-American.

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this is def a cool site but i

this is def a cool site but i feel like they just go to a few aau tournaments and see kids they like and rank em like most of the kids play for the same aau team(which happens a lot with a good squad) but i mean i just dont think 1-10 will be the same in a couple years and by the time theyr seniors, who knows none of them may be in the top 10...kinda cool to see how tall some of these young guys are tho!

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