Here's the Deal with Mullens

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Here's the Deal with Mullens

BJ has not grasped his potential as of yet. He looks hesitant with back to the basket,while he is a decent leaper he's not a quick leaper, sometimes he displays touch around the rim warrenting a Kamen comparison but he does'nt do it on a consistant basis, nor has the mind set to take over games. Worst is lack of interest in rebounding. I know he wasnt playing starter of minutes but he has to grab more boards and show more energy and more overall assertiveness on the court! Before I started typing this I thougt he could catch the end of the lottery based on him being a semi coordinated, decently athletic, 7' 270 but now I think he going in the 19-29 range. He's got the wrong ?'s on his game.

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He isnt very good right

He isnt very good right now...i think the Bulls should grab him and have Brad Miller teach him a thing or too.

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I know the perfect team for BJ!!!

CHARLOTTE!!! Larry Brown does not play rookies! Mullens has alot of potential but he is a year or 2 away

He has a good skillset tho...just not NBA ready

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The Bulls Would Be a Great Fit

That's the absolute same thing I was thinking Csharp3410, that the Bulls would be a great fit for BJ Mullens because Brad Miller can teach him the game..Your right on

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Him going to the Bulls is a terrible mistake. They have decent options in Noah, and Gray to go along with a finally potential stud in Tyrus Thomas. I'm not saying Noah and Gray are over the top options on an NBA Level, but they are to legitimate 7fters. Gell and I even forgot about Brad Miller. Just another reason why the Mullens pick makes little to no sense. Chicago needs to find a combo 2/3. I honestly believe Ben Gordan is as good as gone so guys like Tyreke Evans, James Johnson, Sam Young and hell even Damion James makes more sense to me. As for Mullens when it comes to his perfect pick I think he benefits a lot more from going out of the lottery rather than in it. I can see him dropping down to possibly 25 at the Thunder and them taking a potential gamble on another big man. This all pending Blake Griffin is off the board for them in the top 5.

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Gray is not an option and

Gray is not an option and also Noah is a hustle Center-forward who can play both position. Mullens is a great athlete who need to get smart and work harder in the game. He can get that and also give Chicago depth when Miller leaves. Gray is too slow and need to be on a team that is slower paced. He only looked good before because Bulls had noone else. He may not play another minute in the playoffs unless they have a blow out.

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