Help me understand the hype

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Help me understand the hype

I've heard all about the hype of the incoming freshman class. I love the freshman at my school Jabari Parker and it may be the fandom but I don't see any other freshman that's as smooth as Jabari and can hoop the way he does. I set respect wiggins and randle but I'm hearing the hype for Aaron Gordon and Joel embiid and I just dont quite understand it.embiid looks like a serious project to me and gordon just looks like another athletic big man to me. Like a Julian wright athlete or bill walker type. Anyway can anybody please help me understand what exactly makes these guys so good? Also those Harrison twins at Kentucky dony much impress me either. I know these are kids but just give me something to compare them too I guess

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I don't get the hype with

I don't get the hype with Gordon or the Harrisons either.

Embiid though, I definitely understand the hype for him. He just started playing basketball two years ago and he already does things on the court that I haven't seen in a 7 footer since like Hakeem Olajuwon (spelling?).

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Just compare them to the

Just compare them to the freshman in previous classes and you will likely be impressed. The depth in this class is tremendous, the star power is also there, and the early returns have been phenomenal. Maybe you think Embiid is a project, but I think he compares extremely favorably to many of the similar raw, high upside bigs in past years.

And while Randle is heavily criticized on this forum, he still has been very dominant early this year, including performing at a high level against a top defensive team in Michigan State. While he has his flaws, they don't take away from the fact that he is incredibly advanced for his age.

Andrew Wiggins is another player whose skill level has been criticized, but he still has almost all the tools you want in a prospect. His athleticism and underrated feel for the game combined with an underrated skill level render him a high-floor, high-upside prospect.

I think the hype of this year's freshman class has prevented people from giving the freshman the due they earned through play. People are comparing Parker, Randle, Wiggins, and Embiid to established NBA stars who have all had time to develop their games. In reality, simply finding a good starter with a lottery pick is a good thing usually.

To expect a class to have 6-7 superstars is ridiculous. I know you didn't voice your expectation that would happen, but much of the criticism of Randle and Wiggins on this site seems to operate under the assumption that they are superstar or bust. It is impossible to refute the fact that this freshman class has been incredibly productive in the early going and it is very difficult to refute that this class has oodles of NBA potential.

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Part of the reason you aren't

Part of the reason you aren't as impressed with some of these other guys is because they aren't as polished as Jabari Parker & you've undoubtedly watched him more.

Jabari Parker is excellent right now because of that polish, but it's also that polish that makes you wonder how much better is he going to get? He already has polish and great feel, so is he already at his ceiling? Is he gonna be any more athletic in 5 years time?

Some of the other guys may end up having a higher ceiling because they aren't far behind in production (Randle is probably ahead in production...7 double-doubles in 7 games), but are more athletic.

So what do you want, a guy who is maybe as good right now as he's gonna be in 5 years, or a skilled 6'5, 220lb point guard (Andrew Harrison) with huge upside...especially knowing that all freshman pg's take at least a couple months to learn to run a college team.

Or a 7 foot center with great athleticism, fantastic timing for shot blocking, and is already showing signs of being a good scorer given he is fairly new to basketball (Embiid).

GM's tend to draft based on potential...what can this guy become?

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Noah Vonleh who is 12th in

Noah Vonleh who is 12th in the .Nets mock draft could turn into a working mans Chris Bosh and thats not a stretch. That's a good, really a good draft.

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the hype is warranted

da hype is warrented but not on the Harrison twins they suck

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