Heisman Trophy 2010/11

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Heisman Trophy 2010/11

With the latest news about Cam Newton possibly asking for money from Mississippi St ( - Not the full story, but tells some details), what do people think about these allegations? I think time and time again, I have been adamantly against the NCAA's probes into these things and than their decisions to null and void a player/teams accomplishments well after the fact, so I honestly still lie there in this case. I may be biased, well, hell, I am biased, but I for one believe LaMichael James should be the front runner candidate for Heisman anyway, so I selfishly may want this to hurt Newton's chances at the award. But ultimately, I think that it should have no effect. Who cares if he has to give the damn trophy back? If he is voted the recipient, we will all still know it was him who won it. I do predict however, that he will get housed in the Iron Bowl and Alabama will kill Auburn, but if he doesn't than it is pretty much his to lose. Hell, we had an amazing Heisman candidate in 2001 in Joey Harrington, who ended up unjustly finishing 4th(!?) in that vote, even after the Heisman winner, Eric Crouch, was ripped apart in the Big 12 championship by Colorado (They lost like 63-36 or something, it was a smashing). My personal feelings are, if Oregon runs the table, than James should win the damn award for sure (unless he is hurt, because as we have all seen, he is not going to be stopped, and if he is than Oregon more than likely will not run the table). The only way I think LaMichael James should not win the award is if my prediction is indeed wrong and Cam Newton beats Bama and than runs the table himself in an SEC championship win. But, that is easier said than done.

I ultimately do not think this will effect Cam Newton's Heisman candidacy, and think that in the eyes of the media, he is still crushing the competition (James, Kellen Moore). My biggest fear is, and this is just common place, is that even if he loses a game and plays poorly, he might still win the trophy. His numbers are indeed ridiculous. That has just been what college football has come too, it really is like a damn video game, and I can not complain because that is how my team the Ducks keep winning. But I think RB's and QB's should be held to slightly different standards as far as the Heisman race goes, and they usually are, I mean Reggie Bush won it when an RB on his own team scored more TD's than him that same season. But, he goes to USC, and Newton goes to Auburn, where Bo fricking Jackson has already said his vote is in the mail. This is just one person, but it seems to be a universal attitude when it comes to voting for this award, you pick a candidate like 8-9 games into the season and stick with him, which totally sucks. So, what are peoples thoughts? Do you think LaMichael James should win the award if the Ducks are undefeated and Newton loses that Iron Bowl? Do you feel Newton is a favorite who will not at all be caught? Do you think someone else other than Newton/James should win it (Kellen Moore would be another big candidate)? Or, do you see these allegations ultimately meaning that Newton could indeed lose out on this award? If he does lose out, I will not be to upset as long as he loses out to someone deserving of the award, which James and Moore will likely be. But, if he does win it, and loses a football game, I think it would be another case of a dumb Heisman vote. Crouch was awful, and I have had a number of problems with some other recepients as well. I could probably name you all of the players I believe deserved the Heisman over the actual recipient, and I just do not want another one added to the list. If Auburn wins out and becomes champions, than how can I say anything about Newton winning it? But, if they do not, and he does, man, I just have a feeling it is going to happen, regardless of these latest allegations.

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