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wants to come to the kings!!!!! i wonder if the kings will do it because they dont really need a small fowrard!!!!

i think he'll come off the bunch!

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round 2 in sacramento? so

round 2 in sacramento? so sac-town gets him before and after his prime...this sums up the kings franchise since adelman left

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Money-wise it works

...if Sacramento sends Nocioni and either Casspi or Hawes to Toronto, but I don't see why the Kings would do it. Nocioni makes less money and has fewer years left on his deal, and Hedo has absolutely no place on a young, rebuilding team. The only way the Kings might consider it is if the Raptors also throw in the No. 10 pick, but that seems pretty unlikely.

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Small Forward is the Kings worst position

I'm not saying the Kings should trade for Hedo, but small forward was clearly the kings worst position last year. They have Casspi, Greene, Nocioni, and Garcia all guys who would be solid coming off the bench, but did not produce enough to be nba starters. I think Casspi has the potential, especially with the way he played in the beginning of the year, but he's a couple years away and looked completely lost toward the end of the season. Those other guys are back-ups.
To suggest that the Kings don't need a small forward would be ludicrous.
Greene, Casspi, and Nocioni all shot under 45%.
Greene and Casspi both had more turnovers than assists.
They all had PER of 13 or less.
The Kings better add someone to produce at that position or hope that there young guys improve markedly next season.

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Turk to Kings

It sounds like the Kings may want to get a veteran on the team to help the young guys. It is not really that crazy consider most young team would have a few solid veterans around to help develop the young players. Turkoglu may not be the best teammate, but he certainly isn't a headcase. I think the Raptors management really screwed up the relationship so badly that Turkoglu would public demand a trade.

Turkoglu sucks in Toronto, but he's not done yet. He played pretty well the last a few games of the season although it was too late.

When he played in Orlando, he played with D12 who is post player that attracted double-team, so Turkoglu got all the room to play his game.

This season, he played with Bosh and Bargnani, both players didn't play in the post much. Bosh had the in-side and out-side game, but not exactly a banger in the post and loved to shoot jumper. Bargnani is always parking at the 3 point line shooting 3s.

Turkoglu really didn't get much space to play his game when nobody demanding double team in the post.

However, as a Raptors fan, I wouldn't include a young player or a pick just to get rid of him. If #13 or DeRozan is included in the trade, I would want BC getting fired right away.

Turk for Nocioni (also demanded a trade) would be decent since the Kings is under the cap.

If BC can somehow land Donte Greene (I like him over all the other guys on the Kings), it would probably the best trade he can ever make as the Raptors GM. Casspi and Hawes would also be nice to have.

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I agree ^. If DeRozan is

I agree ^. If DeRozan is traded I'm calling for BC's head.

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