The Heat sign...

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The Heat sign...

Michael Beasley.


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win win

The heat win regardless in this deal if he doesn't make the team o well if he does the team is just more talented at the end of the bench. I think Beasley in the NBA would benefit from playing around other star players his last two stints were with losing teams why not play with the beat team in the league. Even if he never delivers on his potential he can turn into valuable role player look how good Chris Anderson looked with the heat. With lebron passing the ball and being the main focus average players look a whole lot better.

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Very true. He needs some

Very true. He needs some veteran leadership around him. He will be humbled being the 7th or 8th most talented guy on the team AT BEST. He can learn from everyone on the team and help chip in. He needs them more than they need him.

I can see him pairing well with LeBron at the forward spots with Beasley at the 3. Or, as a stretch four in really small lineups with Bosh at the 5. LeBron, Bosh, Oden, and Beasley give them a versatile four man core for their front line. Then they still have Birdman, Battier, and Haslem.

If Beasley can play under control, be a good team player, then he could really help. If he gets the corner 3 going then he will be a steal, and the Heat will be nearly impossible to beat.

It's obviously too early and the season hasn't even started yet, but I think the Heat can win 70 games this year. LeBron is the best in the game and in his prime. D Wade could get healthier, and Bosh is a perfect third option for them. Ever since Birdman showed up they have been nearly unbeatable, plus they have added Greg Oden and now Michael Beasley while only losing Mike Miller. Ray Allen, now in his second year with the Heat, and James Jones will make up for MM's lost 3 pointers, in my opinion. This team's loaded. A ton of offensive weapons, some shooters, great defense (individual and team), and they added even more size and rebounding.

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Good move

Good move imo ... if it doesn't work out then just release him .... if he can play into the team goals and keep himself out of trouble he could be a solid contributor off the bench

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I don't know if there are

I don't know if there are really any minutes available for Beasley, but he could be good for depth. He is a guy who could develop down the line for them, although he will have to accept a smaller role and show a willingness to work hard and play within team concepts, which is something I have more faith in James Jones doing.

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Imagine how scary the Heat

Imagine how scary the Heat would be if Beasley realises even some of his immense potential? Some veteran leadership around him, maybe being around Bron and D-Wades tireless motors and never-give-less-then-100% attitudes will kick him into gear. But it could also work the other way in that his team is good enough to get a chip without him so he may just cruise and not work on his issues, plus he and Chalmers and Beasley have been noted to get up to no good together. Either way, it will be very interesting to see what happens with him, and Oden. Just imagine how great this team would be if Oden returns as a 10/10 player and Beasley turns into a dynamo off the bench. Crazy.

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It's just Beasley, no big deal.

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not a big deal

but a deal worth watching. A talented player who suffers from lack of focus and immaturity on a championship team with respected vets, all star /NBA vets that are like Kobe and actually can communicate. Not too mention that this is extremely likely to be his last shot and he knows it. I think if there was a hope for him this is it.

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