The Heat Index

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The Heat Index I am sorry if I offend an ESPN homers but ESPN loves to ride d***! Wtf is the "Heat Index," according to that will only focus on LeBron, D-Wade and CB4 and it's only going to covering the Heat? It seems that this issue is being played out so badly and I think it is getting annoying. This is another stunt, just as pathetic as the "The Decision," to get people on this dumb site and get more views. What y'all think?

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[email protected] An entire section

[email protected]

An entire section dedicated to one team? Not even one team really, just 3 guys. The Heat'll be fun to watch, but after a while...i bet we'll all be tired of hearing about them...

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Miami Vice

Miami deserves the publicity. When have three superstars ever landed on the same team in one off season. dont get me wrong, its annoying. But for the only reason of the season doesnt start for another month. I just can't wait and I am sure others cant wait to see what all this hype is about. 72 wins record finally beat, I doubt it. James a third MVP? maybe. Are the role players going to fit in their roles? who knows. The unknown is exciting. the outcome probably will be 2. Hearing about the heat will end with whoever wins the championship. This is the new Brett Farve situation. You are tired of hearing about it but you will read and watch anything related to the story because we all just cant wait.

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HOW Great they are going to be together each one can carry a team by them selves to the playoffs
what can happen with all them on one team if they win the coverage is well deserved
if they fail we can all laugh
i dont like it but i think it was inevitable because of the star power of this team

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This is so gay. ESPN might single handidly destroy the NBA. Not a single person that I know was in favor of the 3 amigos all going to Miami, and this is not gonna help the cause. Hell, they are even starting to drive a die hard fan like myself away from the league with all the LeBron and Miami talk.

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Because we all know how

Because we all know how hugely successful stuff like ESPN Chicago and ESPN New York has been..

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wheres my

espn Maine -________-

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espn is like a tabloid

espn is like a tabloid magazine of sports. Whatever gets the most hits and views will be covered the most. People are interested in the heat so espn will shove them down our throats. I dont know about a special heat only section. But i am curious as hell to watch the heat play. At least for the first month or so then they will be just another exciting team to watch.

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I dont care about all this

I dont care about all this other shit, I just want to watch some BASKETBALL.... Heat Index???

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There is gonna be nothing but pure hatred for this team for the entire time that they are together. Its good for the league to have a team that everybody hates, as weird as that may sound. As for the stupid "Heat Index" site..SMDH.

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Guess who is going to be the

Guess who is going to be the main editor too.. brian windhorst of the cleveland plain dealer... hes been covering lebron since he was in high school...

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The Heat will be the best NBA team we have all seen in this generation. So they deserve the coverage. I agree ESPN is annoying though.

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