The Heat have been lucky

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The Heat have been lucky

The Heat may be the luckiest team besides the Cavs. Confused? You shouldn't be.

We all know the story by now; 3 superstars in their primes agreed to team up to become one of the most dominant teams in their era. Well, what isn't talked about at all is how these players were all from the EAST, or what is known as the "pathetic, weak" conference. When the Big 3 came to fruition, they were immediately one of the few contenders in the NBA. They also became a lock for the Easts' top-two seeds, the only seeds in the East that matter. Don't argue that point, the top 2 seeds are the only relevant seeds in the East, and the only seeds that'd make it to the playoffs in the West. With two stars on other East teams agreeing to team up on another team in the East, it made a weak East even weaker.

That's one reason the Heat were lucky, the other was injuries. The Heat have cakewalked to 4 straight Finals appearances. After their 2011 Finals loss (which nobody speaks about nearly as much as their 2012 Finals win over a young Thunder team), they were fortunate to face little-to-no challenge. The Bulls lost Rose in 2012, which immediately took out the Heat's biggest competition. I know the Heat probably still would've beaten them, but it made an EC title that much more accomplishable. Seriously, after the Bulls, the Celtics (with aged 32+ HOF players) were the biggest challenge to the Heat. They surprised, but faltered later. A series over a young Thunder team (which was much more lopsided than it should've been) happened. 1-1 Heat.

Then, during the 2012-2013 season, Rose was out, which took off the Bulls from a top-two seed to a playoff team. The Heat were all but a lock for the Finals again. However, Paul George and the Pacers stood up. They challenged the Heat, showing resilience and guts that the Heat haven't seen from a, Eastern foe since the 2012 Celtics. Oh, their 1st series was against the sub 500 Bucks. How fortunate. They beat the Spurs, but the Spurs lost the series more than the Heat won it, if that makes sense.

2013-2014 season! Rose should be back, he isn't 100%, he's injured again. Top 2 for Miami once again. But wait! The Pacers are the top team! This hasn't happened since the Rose Bulls! Are the Heat finally being challenged after 2 years of no competition?! Nope. Pacers faded after the All-Star break like LeBron during the 4th quarter of the 2011 Finals. The Heat played against the rookie Bobcats (now Hornets). They swept them like nobody's business. Their 2nd matchup, an old, expensive Nets team without their best big man and shells of their stars' former selves, was a series that could've ended differently, or at least longer. Cakewalk ensues to a struggling Pacers team. Stephenson clowns around, George comes back one game and is out the next, David West goes hard with absolutely no other Pacer starter even having half of his heart. Finals rematch. The Heat play against what can be considered the greatest offense in the last 20 Finals, and lose 4-1. Wade is a shell of his former self, Chalmers' career hot streak ends, Bosh dies for the 2nd time in the last 250 million years, Ray-Ray misses like Ginobili did last year, Battier is crap, Anderson tries too hard and fouls too much, and James Jones comes back from the dead to be less a zombie and more a walker. LeBron shows up, and I'll admit, he played well, but the Heat show their age and lose for the 2nd time in the last 4 years. Kawhi wins 5 years after his father's murder, Tim, Tony, and Manu win again, Pop cements his legacy as a top 3 basketball coach ever, and whatever the Heat coach's name is (some analyst said Bruno Mars... I am not lying) was played.

IN CONCLUSION: ( I appreciate whoever read this all, tell me you did so I'll +1 you) The Heat win 4 consecutive EC titles in the era of the Big Easy east. What an accomplishment. I'll take my 20 negs now.

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