Heat Fan that Gave Joakim Noah The FINGER Admits she is ''Sort of''Sorry

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Heat Fan that Gave Joakim Noah The FINGER Admits she is ''Sort of''Sorry

Filomena Tobias the crazed Miami Heat fan that gave Joakim Noah the Middle Finger now says she's sorry..And gives her genuine apologies to anyone that she offended....

As the photo surfaced around the internet of her flipping off Noah..She received the usual attention and rude comments..And then the Lid came Off...

The incident led the press to do some digging into her background..And they found out that her late husband Seth Tobias died mysteriously in his pool in 2007..The internet quick to make judgements started making connections....Her lawyer says she's distressed because of the needless attention the incident has brought on her..The invasion of privacy the press has done to her private life....And the malicious and untrue reports of how her husband passed.

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Bird-flipping Heat fan Filomena Tobias is sorry, sort of, for giving Joakim Noah the finger | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports Philippines

****I Knew that woman Looked Like she had ISSUES

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I want to punch her husband

I want to punch her husband in the face.

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She's not sorry...

...that she flipped off Noah. She IS sorry that flipping off Noah ended up with the microscope on her life.

Looks plenty crazy to me.

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That dudes her 4th husband...

That dudes her 4th husband... all of them were rich....

Now, I ain't saying shes a gold digger, but...

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She ain't messin' wit no

She ain't messin' wit no broke finger

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Just read a long my times

Just read a long my times article describing the death of her husband in which she was accused of murder. Crazy stuff. At worst she murdered him. At best she was negligent in allowing him to die. She called friends saying he seemed passed out in the pool but never went and checked on him and didn't call 911 about him floating in the pool for another 45 minutes until after she called friends saying he was just floating in the pool and wouldn't respond to her yells from the house.

In any case, can't feel sorry for the husband, he was a mess up far worse then her and allowed himself to be with an obvious gold digger.

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