Hawks and Milsap agree to deal

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Hawks and Milsap agree to deal

Hawks agree to two year $19 million deal with Paul Milsap.

This is according to ESPN and I would post the link if I was not on a cheap tablet...

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Two years, 19 million.
So they don't get Dwight, and this becomes plan B. I woud've prefer them to try to tank and rebuild around Horford and a top 10 pick from 2014. Milsaps a solid addition and a very underrated player though. I think it's a good contract for him. It's a short deal so he should be able to get one more good contract in a few years while he's still in his prime, provided he plays well and stays healthy in Atlanta.

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Korver, Millsap, and Carroll.

Korver, Millsap, and Carroll. Assembling the Atlanta Jazz?

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Looks like we will finally

Looks like we will finally see how good kanter and favors will be.

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I really like this signing. A

I really like this signing. A frontcourt of Horford & Millsap is a bit small but highly skilled. They're both some of the most versatile high motor big men in the league. I can't wait to watch the Hawks this year!!!!!

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great get

Will miss him in Utah.
You got a very good player

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Better bang for the buck than

Better bang for the buck than Josh Smith.
Good short term contract for an underrated player. He's too good to be a hired gun and he's the same age as Josh Smith.
Rockets should've been targeting him to play alongside Dwight instead of Smith. I don't care if they're friends. Millsap is the better fit with Dwight. I'll go so far as to say he's the better basketball player.

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I've been saying this all off

I've been saying this all off season. Millsaps per 36 numbers were almost identical to Smiths last year. Way smarter player as well.

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This was great for Utah! They

This was great for Utah! They can finally move on

But...will we ever get to see how good Horford could be at PF?

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Wow, they let Jefferson and Millsap both walk. It's going to be really exciting to see what kind of numbers Kanter and Favors are going to average from here on out.

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Good deal for Paul Millsap

Good deal for Paul Millsap but still not that long term, it may mean he can get another big deal in 2015 when he will be 30. So did the Hawks offer up more money for a shorter deal than give him a longer term deal for less monet per annum.

I had Millsp in the $35 to $45 million range for a 4 year deal so this shorter deal is good value for both sides.

Atlanta get a ready made PF who can give them 14 to 18ppg and is a good solid pro.

I always thought that Utah kept Millsap over Jefferson from a longevity and cost point of view but they have acquired Biedrins from GSW who if they can focus can play around Kanter and Favours. Plus we finally get the KP front court let loose by Utah.

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