Hawks and the 24th pick

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Hawks and the 24th pick

Slow night so here is a new topic.

With the Hawks most likely losing Joe Johnson, who should they grab at pick 24?

I think Stephensen is great fit for them at pick 24. He would be my first choice followed by Soloman Alabi. I think Horford needs be moved back to PF for him be most effect. I know they have Marvin and J smoove but adding some depth upfront could help them against the elite teams.

Your take?

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I want them to get Stephenson

I want them to get Stephenson no doubt about it. They may lean towards Alabi though, even though he's not that good at all.

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They either go shooting guard, small forward or center

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Isn't stephensen a serious

Isn't stephensen a serious punk/head case??? Without the right coach/environment he's the kind of player that could be out of the NBA in no time. He needs to go to team like the jazz or spurs.

There's several players that could be available when they pick that I'd take over Stephensen - like:

J Anderson
L Sanders
J Crawford
D James
E Bledsoe
A Bradley
Q Pondexter
S Robinson

One of these guys will be available.

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To the guy above. The spurs and Jazz dont need a player like Stephenson, while the hawks do. He is not a major headcase. players such as Sanders, Bradley, and Anderson I feel will all be gone before the Hawks pick. Also why would they take Robinso at 24? Really he has no range of his jumper and they have plenty of depth. The same can go for James he is combo 3/4 just like Josh Smith. Bledsoe why would they take him when they have Bibby for 2 more years and have yeague who I think will be much better then Bledsoe. I see that ou are new so all good, but please think about team needs before you list off players they should take.

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I still think the hawks need to get a head coach ASAP, and then they can determine what kind of style they really want to go with. I know this is somewhat crazy but i really think the hawks would be a lot better off with the following trade:

J Smoove and the Clipps # 8 pick to Golden State
C Kaman and Golden States # 6 pick to the Hawks
A Biendres and the Hawks #24 and a future 2012 first round pick to the Clippers

All the money works out, and the teams get what they want/need.

Let me explain:

Atlanta moves their most tradable asset, and moves Al Horford to his natural position while also picking up a top 10 draft pick to try and replace JJ. Possibly Wesley Johnson, depending one what other teams at the top of the draft trade for.

LA Clips move Kaman and pick up a good rebounder and defender, that will allow Blake Griffen to be the primamary offensive option in the post, and give budding center DeAndre Jordan minutes at Center, which should push Biendres to play harder. as well as a future pick from atlanta.

The clippers get the PF they dream of for their run and gun offense and only move back to places in the draft to get him.

I think this would be benificial for all the teams, but i don't think it would happen unless the hawks really see someone they like at #6 as well as the Warriors and Clips see their draft boards are working in their favor.

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