Have you ever wanted sex to last longer than you could go?

Have you ever wanted sex to last longer than you could go? If you answered yes, then you are probably among men who encounter the same problem in bed.

Indeed, the inability to last longer is something that many men regard as their biggest sexual problems. While most may view erection as dependent on sex drive, this is not always the case- sometimes the drive is present but the penis just does not cooperate. A decrease in sex drive and a not-so-firm erection can be caused by several factors.

First on the list and the most popular among the biological problems of a man is a low libido. Libido is considered the sex drive of the body and is primarily influenced by the brain, which, in turn, dictates what the body does. Generally speaking, the conditions of the libido are dependent on the four sexual stimuli distinguished by doctors:

visual stimulus, which depends on the physical appearance
tactile stimulus, which depends on touch- particularly in the sensitive areas like the nipples and penis
auditory stimulus, which is the main reason behind the success of phone sex
olfactory stimulus such as titillating perfume scents

When a man's libido rises, according to the aforementioned stimuli, the sex drive correspondingly follows and increases.

Another biological cause of erection problem is premature &$#%#[email protected]!, wherein the man comes too soon even though his partner has not reached an orgasmic state yet. This situation usually results in sexual dissatisfaction and frustration, which eventually causes break-ups among some sexually active relationships. Of course, this situation does not naturally happen without reasons. Premature &$#%#[email protected]! is commonly brought about by the excitement. His excitement causes him to &$#%#[email protected]! quickly because even before he begins penetrating his penis, his sexual fantasies stimulate his sex drive. Premature &$#%#[email protected]! can also be caused by sexual taboos. In some cultures, sex is prohibited so men are forced to &$#%#[email protected]! quickly. More commonly in North America, &$#%#[email protected]! too soon can be the result of frequent masturbation or anxieties.

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My girlfriend is ugly so I

My girlfriend is ugly so I don't really want it to last too much longer then it has to...

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and what does this have to do

and what does this have to do with the heat ?

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