Hassan Whiteside - Will He Ever Play 20 MPG in the NBA?

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Hassan Whiteside - Will He Ever Play 20 MPG in the NBA?

It looks like he signed in China. I had such high hopes for him coming into the league. This guy has to be better than some of the scrubs around the league. I would gladly take him over a guy like Joel Anthony. He seems to have continued to work on his game. I am still holding out hope or am I just blinded by his physical tools?

He's only 24. Look at a guy like Patrick Beverly. He played overseas and refined his game. Can Whiteside do the same?

In the D-League he had 20 points, 16 rebounds, 6 blocks per 36 minutes.

I would like to see the Heat sign him as the last guy on the bench and develop him to take over the Birdman role.

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you gotta actually get a team to even wanna sign you before you even talk about getting any type of minutes.

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I'm not sure he'll ever play

I'm not sure he'll ever play 20 total minutes the rest of his career.

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Why not?

He is a legit 6.11, has long arms and a not a bad hand.... he could be a def specialist... i think there are worst players in the League... of course he was a bit skinny, i don't know if in the meanwhile if became stronger

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Nope. You mention his lofty

Nope. You mention his lofty D-League per 36 minute stats, but fail to mention he was Tim Ohlbrecht's backup. Playing 11.8 mpg against D-League 2nd units is a lot different than playing the NBA.

He's the classic example of a 7 footer with an average jumper that wants to play away from the basket. In the D-League, where an NBA 15th man on the roster can average 15 ppg, Hassan was a backup center. His lenght on paper is one thing, but what that says about his level of play speaks way more than projected 36 mintue stats, IMO.

He's a natural shot blocker with both length and timing, but he doesn't do much else, and his bball IQ is really low. His 2nd NBA season in which he played 18 games, he only finished 41% of his shots at the rim and despite being 7 foot tall, 33% of his shots were jumpers in which he made 28% of them. He looks okay on paper, but as far as the game of basketball goes...he's not at an NBA level, and inflated PER36 numbers as Tim Ohlbrecth's backup doesn't change anything.

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Agreed PS: PER is always


PS: PER is always calculated per minute, so it has the same base for everyone.

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Not likely.

Not likely.

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In the Greek league

In the Greek league

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I honestly thought he was

I honestly thought he was going to be good but has been anything but. I remember for a short time he was projected to go first on this site, then ended up being a second rounder. For a guy that averaged 5 bpg in college I'm surprised he couldn't at least make a roster.

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What make you think that?

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