Has ESPN lost its mind? (ESPN and Marvel team up for LeBron comic)

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Has ESPN lost its mind? (ESPN and Marvel team up for LeBron comic)

"TWO YEARS AGO, LeBron James predicted he would win not one, not two, not three ... but seven NBA titles. What if he was right? ESPN the Mag and Marvel Comics have united to create LeBron: King of the Rings, an epic tale of zombies, clones, holograms, bionics and a star who will stop at nothing to fulfill his promise."

Hard to say if ESPN has reached rock bottom, has already been there for quite some time, or still has room to descend, but COME ON MAN.

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How many times will ESPN try

How many times will ESPN try till they give up? not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6...

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half related to this post.....

people hate on Lebron for saying not one, not two, not three.......but his haters are LUCKY he only has one.....he could easily have two right now, he got in the finals the first two years with the team and the team the heat lost to in the finals wasn't as good as the one they beat in the they're the favorite again.....7 is a little much but his prediction doesn't seem SOOOOOO farfetched.....

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@NickWayne It's not about


It's not about LeBron, it's about ESPN. I have nothing against LeBron he has really evolved into world's best player. I didn't really liked him in Cleveland, didn't liked him after decision, obviously, but this previous season a lot has changed. I believe many people changed their opinions at least a bit about James after his perfomances throughout the season and especially in play-offs.

But it's about ESPN making @[email protected]#@!$% bullshit.

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Well there's 5 minutes of my

Well there's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back

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also covered the infamous "THE DECISION" right?

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The Dark Knight

Who cares. Haha people like lebron (yeah you do ;) ) and people like comic books. I see superhero potential in him, at the very least he's a batman 2.0...

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Lebron always wants to be in the spotlight.

Nothing new. Looks like he is desperate for more attention. I'm guessing Wade is his trusy sidekick.

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