Has The Dallas Mavericks Off-season been Underrated?

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Has The Dallas Mavericks Off-season been Underrated?

Has the Dallas Mavericks moves been underrated? I think that despite not signing a "Big Fish" that they've managed to rebound decently, and can compete for seeds 5-8 in the West (If they grab Dalembert or Oden). They've upgraded their talent, experience, and athleticism while keeping flexibility moving forward. What do y'all think about the Mavericks Off-season moves? Below I pasted an excerpt from my blog about the Mavs off-season. If you want to read the whole blog (it's kind of long) you can read it on

"Monta Ellis is an All-Star level talent, that is indisputable. He is the most important player, not only in Dallas' current off-season, but in the next phase of their franchise. If he plays at an All-Star level, he will greatly improve the team in the wins category and also make the team that much more attractive for a major free agent that they will have the cap to sign next year. Also, due to his age, contract, and talent he is easily Dallas' most valuable trading asset. If he plays as the inefficient black hole that he was in Milwaukee, Dallas could be looking at missing the playoffs again. I think part of that was because the Bucks had two different head coaches (neither known for offense), and no particular offensive scheme at all. It also didn't help that the Bucks really had no chemistry or direction as a team. They had a lot of good pieces individually and just threw them on the court together (Pretty much what they tried to do this off-season too). The Mavericks with Coach Carlisle will have an offensive, and defensive agenda, along with a consistent rotation and player roles. I think next year will be his best year for several reasons...."

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They could compete for a road

They could compete for a road seed but the West is so deep I doubt a well paid Monta Ellis will make much of a difference. He is amongst the least efficient players in the league and is just getting more lackadaisical as the years go on. I'd rather have Mayo.

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