has anyone heard about a 3 team trade?

this is from NBA news, reviews and rumors on facebook.

The Blazers have told Nic Batum's agent to ensure that he is in Portland for a medical, indicating that they plan to match the offer sheet from Minnesota.

However, a source close to the discussions did mention that Blazers GM Neil Olshey had sent the Wolves a list of players who could be included in a three-team deal; Robin Lopez, Kyle Korver (who has since been moved to Atlanta), and an unknown player from Denver (possibly Wilson Chandler).

so it looks like it involes portland, suns, maybe hawks, and denver.

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“Gary’s now the leader of our

“Gary’s now the leader of our basketball operations,” said Roeser. “It was nice to have Vinny’s input in player transactions this summer, but I don’t think it’s fair to put that burden on the coach during the season.”

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