Harrison Barnes is not athletic enough........

The guy is just a proper dribble away from being the absolute package...

And he's done his fair share to help his team be the 5th seed in the rugged West..


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Are you being serious saying

Are you being serious saying Barnes isn't athletic enough?

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I'm obviously sarcastic, he's

I'm obviously sarcastic, he's my favourite player...

I really thought the dots and what I wrote in the actual text would make it obvious that I think he is an athletic beast!

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my take

I've been impressed with Barnes so far; he has always played within the offense but he's finally starting to be more assertive and attack the rim, especially in transition. His defense has been very good as well. His stats aren't great but I've watched the Warriors enough to know what Barnes value to the team has been.

One has to think if the Sacramento Kings are wondering if they were too high or not high enough on draft night...

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