Happy 35th Birthday Kobe....

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Happy 35th Birthday Kobe....

One of the greatest players of all time turns 35 today. Never been a Kobe fan, but you have to admire his work ethic, competitive drive, skill and will to win. 5 championships, numerous all-NBA and all-defensive team nominations. We'll see if he can come back from achilles injury to lead the Lakers back to the playoffs.

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It seems like just yesterday

It seems like just yesterday he was only 17 years and getting drafted. 17 years in the NBA and he's achieved just about everything an athlete can, but he's still hungry/starving as a basketball player.

I didn't like him early in his career, but I've grown to respect him as a basketball player more than any other player.

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I Just realized how many

I Just realized how many great NBA players that were born in august....

Magic Johnson
Wilt Chamberlain
David Robinson
Patrick Ewing
Scottie Pippen
Rudy Gay
Reggie Miller
Antoine Walker
Bob Cousy
George McGinnis
Kiki Vandeweghe
Rik Smits

Rashard Lewis
Micheal Redd
Robert Horry
Jeff Green
John Long
Darren Collison
Derek Fisher
Charlie Villanueva
Austin Rivers
Tyrus Thomas
Stacy Augmon
Carlos Delfino
Andray Blatche
Jeremy Lin
Chucky Atkins

Get those guys at their peak and they'll be unbeatable....

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??? i really don't get about

??? i really don't get about fifty percent of the negs on this site. just sayin'.

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Love Kobe

Dammit. I was born in December and in 1971. I guess my NBA window has passed.

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35 years old and still

35 years old and still putting up 40 point games, old but gold. Happy birthday #24, you definitely deserve it. Easily in MY top 3 players of all time, him and Iverson have been my favorite players since I was a kid. Both these guys deserve to be recognized.

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I went to UC Irvine in Orange

I went to UC Irvine in Orange County and he would sometimes work out at our gym during the summer. I'm a Kings fan so I pretended not to care but it's hard not to get starstruck and just admire his work ethic and regimen.

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I once saw Kobe at our

I once saw Kobe at our college work out room too. Didn't get his autograph though. Everything was cool, until we brought up his wife. Then he gave us the Kobe Death Stare and walked off. This was in the spring of 2003. So when after the Kobe Rape Case exposed Kobe being an A$$ and his marital problems with Vanessa, yeah, man, that made sense.

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One of the few guys who can

One of the few guys who can say, at any point in his lifetime, that his played in the NBA for half of his life.

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Never been one of my favorite

Never been one of my favorite players but it's hard not to have the utmost respect for him.

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Wow, he's been in the NBA

Wow, he's been in the NBA nearly half his life, KG and Kobe will both reach that landmark this coming season. Just hope he comes back sound and gives us a few more years.

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He, Shaq, and Yao are the

He, Shaq, and Yao are the reasons I fell in love with basketball, but It scares me to think of Kobe not being Kobe and averaging 25+ppg.

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