Hansbrough tha tebow of NCCAM

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Hansbrough tha tebow of NCCAM

If u really about it both have had very solid careers and both r national champions............... but at tha same time both have both been criticzed for lack of athleticism, and for many other reason. But wat people dnt seem to talk about is that both of these guys have GREAT work ethic and now and days thats rare to find.... How do u think Hansbrough will do n tha NBA... I mean he is a non stop hustle player and has a nice jump shot.... he is also a lock to b a 1st rounder

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I love Psycho T...

But I think he's going to pretty much fail. At best, he'll be a solid player off the bench that can, every once in a while, get you 10 points and 5 boards.

(Don't even get me started on Tebow...)

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Maybe a nice bench player

Basketball and Football are different. In football your lack of athleticism can be hid by a great offensive line. In basketball you are mostly on your own plus I don't believe Hansbrough will be the same kind of player he was in Carolina as in the NBA because his role will be different. I can see him as being maybe a top bench player because of his hustle and work ethic though.

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i know this is a basketball site but please start on tebow(from the defending national champion florida gators)
florida is my favorite team and tebow is one of my favorite players so please

i just want to hear your opinion.

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Tebow is a pretty athletic

Tebow is a pretty athletic dude....

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