Halfway through the season, how do you like your team's draft now?

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Halfway through the season, how do you like your team's draft now?

i haven't really been paying too much attention to the other team's rookies, so i wanted to just get some quick summaries of your team's rookies. being a nuggets fan, i'm pretty hyped about our 3 guys. i think faried was everything he was billed. a high energy, rebounding type who hasn't been doing too bad with 7.4 ppg. jordan hamilton looked pretty solid the other night, busting out for 18. he seems to have scoring potential that should make it a little less painful if we are unable to bring wilson chandler back or re-sign rudy fernandez. however, he followed that night up with an 0-7 game, but still grabbed 9 boards. i also like the julyan stone pick up. he seems to be a pretty reliable ball handler and defender. his scoring ability is quite limited though.

the only good thing about a bad year of injuries for the nuggs is actually getting to see some rookie play.

thoughts on your team?

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I like Klay Thompson, he can

I like Klay Thompson, he can play in this league and has a nice shooting stroke, and has the size to play the two, unlike Ellis.

We haven't had much of a chance to see Jeremy Tyler or Charles Jenkins, Jenkins has gotten some playing time, unfortuantly doesn't seem like more than a career backup. And hopefully Tyler can live up to all the hype we gave him three years ago.

Ish Smith got some PT earlier in the year, he's buried on the bench now, but I liked what we saw from him.

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I would have liked to seen them grab Hamilton at 19 for his scoring potential and size on the wing but Tobias has had a decent year so far and is still only 19. Hes put up some solid lines when given the minutes. Hes a really hard worker and is a physical presence in the lane against most 3s. Being so raw its still too early to say if hes the small forward of the future for the bucks but he has the potential to be.

Leuer has been a steal in the second round and one of the few second rounders to contribute significant minutes. Ive been surprised with how well hes stood up against other NBA big men (even making a start defending Dwight Howard and not getting completely overmatched). Hes really long with a high reaching jumpshot enabling him to shoot over the defense with soft touch which has translated from college. Should be a great role player off the bench for a long time in the league.

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Faried and Hamilton are very solid, Stone is surprising too

I love waht the Sixers have done in the draft once again

Nikoli Vucevic is a very solid C, infact if he were listed correctly at USC he would have been a top 10 Pick...

Lavoy Allen is another case of a 2nd round guy that works his tail off and never hurts your team, it helps he played his college carrer in Philadelphia at Temple and he's quickly become a fan favorite...

The last few drafts we've made great picks given are position

2011 - 1st Round Nikoli Vucevic

2nd Round Lavoy Allen

2010 - 1st Round Evan Turner

2009 - 1st Round Jrue Holiday

2008 - 1st Round Marresse Speights

2007 - 1st Round Thad Young - Dequan Cook traded for Jason Smith - Petteri Kopenen also traded

2nd Round Krylo Fesenko

2006 - 1st Round - Thabo Sefolosha

2005 - 2nd Round - Lou Williams

2004 - 1st round - Andre Iguadola

We have drafted very well IMO we just haven't been in the position to draft the Home Run pick and secure that True Super Star...And with the Team inplace I don't think we'll be in the Top 10 any time soon...

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I like the Selby pick. I didn't expect him to dominate as a rookie, and I think he will become a good player in a couple of years. I think he was a great pickup for the 49th pick.

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Jimmy Butler has been alright

Jimmy Butler has been alright when he's been in, bulls didn't really get a lot through the draft. I think Butler will be a middle-end type rotation guy. Hustles and plays D though.

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At draft day i was not

At draft day i was not pleased with my Suns drating Morrris. But he's proven he's solid. Though I would have liked to see them get Kawhi Leonard, I thought he was a steal at 15 in this weak draft. Overall grade: B-

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Toronto - so happy

Very glad that Valanciunas is overseas growing his game, while the raptors tank.

Raptors are now only 2-3 losses behind the Washington / New Orleans for the No. 2 best lottery position... and hopefully a Calderon trade is coming.

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Isaiah Thomas > Jimmer Fredette. Steal of the draft.

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As a Cavs fan i've been very

As a Cavs fan i've been very with the play of Irving but i still not sold on Thompson, I really thought the would take Jonas Valanciunas.

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As a Lakers fan we F'd up. We we went 1 for 4, Andrew Goudelock aka Mini Mamba being the only decent choice we made.

Darius Morris is a pg who should've never came out early, now his stupidity will land him permanetly on the pine, and he'll probably get lost in the D-league. Then the Lakers make a mockery out of the whole situation by drafting guys with names that nobody in the world has ever heard of in Chukwudiebere Maduabum and Ater Majok and it's likely we'll never hear of either of these clowns ever again. SMH

Being that we only had 2nd rounders I grade the FO with a D

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As a cavs fan I was shocked like most when I heard Thompson read out at pick 4. I was VERY skeptical. However, I was wrong, so wrong. He is a straight up beast. Of course he needs to develop a better offense game (as his is very limited) and free throw, but he rebounds the ball like crazy, especially on the offensive boards. He is also very explosive. I love his shot blocking ability.

And Kyrie just speaks for himself. Plays years beyond his age. He will be speical.

However the second round is a disaster. Drafted a player who is locked into a international contract. We won;t see him in a cavs jersey for a while.

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I am pleased with the pick-up of Kawhi Leonard, we desperatly needed someone who could play some defense on the wing. Thusfar he surprised me!

Cory Joseph on the other hand shows that he doesn´t have what it takes to become a solid NBA player. A wasted pick in my opinion. Hopefully he shows some improvement or will be send to the Toros to work on his game, because at the moment he shouldn´t be on a NBA team. I rather even see that they sign Justin Dentmon from the Toros as back-up.

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I am very happy with the Vucevic pick for the 76ers this year. He has been one of the more efficient rookies. Theres nothing really glaring about his game, hes been a solid rebounder, shot blocker, shooter, and scorer. And considering the injury problems Hawes has been having, along with getting rid of speights, he has become the 76ers only center of any note. This is especially important because philly's offense seems to run a lot better when it has a reliable center in place...

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as a heat fan. gotta be happy

as a heat fan. gotta be happy with norris cole. i never thought he would like shooting so much but im stoked we picked him up. his off the dribble game is looking good and i think he will keep getting better. he's lightning quick on the break and also see him getting better on that as he improves his IQ and his selection for attacking the rim.

...i also think faired was a good pick up for the nuggets

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Even though I was pretty pissed at the Kanter pick (I wanted Knight), he's actually been much better than expected. He seemed to have been marketed as a scoring big, but its been quite the opposite. He is a fantastic rebounder, and seems to be an above average post defender. His offense def needs work, but considering how young he is, I think it will come.

With Burks, I was ecstatic that he was still available when we drafted at 12. I certainly wasn't pleased at how few minutes and how many DNP's he got early on, but Corbin has been giving him some consistant burn recently, and he has certainly been producing. Great rebounder for his position, and once he gets into the flow of the game, he has had some pretty sick passes. And at 38.5% 3 pointers, he's our second best at them behind Bell. He hasn't taken nearly as many, but still it's a promising start for someone who's biggest knock coming out was his shot. Also, he's our best wing defender currently, even if it is primarily against second units. Burks and Favors are def the players I'm looking forward to watching develop the most on the Jazz.

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I love The Jazz's young core

I just wish Jerry Sloane was there coaching them, I think he would have made Devin Harris an All Star again, and Favors and Kanter would be a very special duo already, Alec Burks is the player that would have benefited most from Sloane, he and Hayward have that certain IT that Sloane could have maximized in Utah...

The only players I want the Jazz to get rid of are Jefferson, Bell and Howard...They only need one pick this year, I'm not sold on drafting Kendall Marshall with their pick, I'd like a player with more potential than an Andre Miller type...Tony Wroten is alot like Harris IMO but if the Jazz trade Harris , Wroten would be a very pick...

I think the Jazz are set at Sg,Sf,Pf and C...they need a Pure Pg and some depth at Sg and Sf...

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I'm a Pacers fan

What draft?

I do like the George Hill trade. I was unsure as to his necessity at first, but I realize he gives the Pacers a third consistent scoring guard off the bench. Kawhi Leonard hasn't done much, so definitely happy with the move.

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I like the Bulls, and I'm

I like the Bulls, and I'm very okay with it. Jimmy Butler is a player that I really hoped the Bulls would draft because I felt he'd be a great fit and a guy capable of guarding 3 positions and he has not let me down. His minutes have been sparce, but when he's in you can see he's buying into Coach Thibs' plan. He plays hard D, plays offensive within the team plan ( shooting 50% 3 50% FG and 80% FT) and despite his humble numbers is doing exactly what he's supposed to do.

Next season, I expect him to continue to progress. I hear Nicola Mirotic is lottery talent, but I don't know a lot about him. He seems to be a nice player to have the rights to in case he and Chicago can reach and agreement for him to play in the NBA.

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iminipanda: "Isaiah Thomas >

iminipanda: "Isaiah Thomas > Jimmer Fredette. Steal of the draft."

you got the steal of the draft. sure. you also got a huge potential "bust" right now lol. (not saying he will be a bust btw)

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- Hated the Marcus Morris

- Hated the Marcus Morris pick whe it happened, still hate it - even though he really hasn't played. He's not a 3, period.

- Motiejunas could be a star or could bust, but he was a necessary risk, and obviously I'll hold my opinion until he comes over.

- I didn't think much of the Parsons pick, and didn't like it much initially, but he has definitely proven me wrong. Really like the kid as a rotation player, with size for the 3 spot (6-9 220), a great motor on both ends, good athleticism and a good feel for the game.

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Wolves fan here

Following last night's 27 point outburst by Derrick Williams I'm completely sold on his future with the team. I could even see him guard and play SF without much trouble with his skillset. I still hate the wolves for passing on Motiejunas, Marshon Brooks and all other SG's with their other picks though. It was inexcusable. Malcolm Lee has shown some potential but he's been injured this whole season...

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pistons - knight I am still

pistons - knight

I am still doing cart-wheels now :)

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