Haddadi keeping Dwight quiet in the first half

Watching the Lakers-Suns game with Dwight 4-14 at the half. Haddadi has been playing some great D on him so far, though has been giving up a few too many rebounds. Recent spike in his minutes has seen him be mildly productive, something i never thought i'd see him achieve after all those years riding pine in Memphis

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He's long and he's fairly

He's long and he's fairly skilled and mobile for a big man. There's no reason he can't be a productive backup or role-player in the league, though I wouldn't go as far as saying he will make a Gortat-esque transformation.....

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HH can play. He always plays

HH can play. He always plays well against the Lakers.

I wish the Grizz still had him. We never played him enough even though he was also a fan favorite.

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