The Hack-a-(insert name) foul rule

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The Hack-a-(insert name) foul rule

I've never been a fan of this coaching tactic but when i saw OKC do it the other night it drove me crazy. The game had a great pace and flow and then the fouls started and it flat out got boring for me. I never really thought I would see OKC resort to this unless they were playing someone like Dwight Howard or deandre Jordan but to see them employ it against Asik and it not work was just lame. Like I said I know it's a tactic and coaching strategy but how do y'all feel about it?

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I think that is OK as a last

I think that is OK as a last resort, but it is usually ineffective. It is difficult to outscore a team that is sending anybody to the free throw line every possession. If they make half their free throws, that means their offense is being about as effective as would be expected without the fouling. I guess it does really extend the game, but typically it will fail. If a team starts to employ that strategy, generally it is getting pretty desperate. Although DeAndre Jordan is so bad that it can work with him.

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It's a flagrant foul. Should

It's a flagrant foul.

Should be 2 shots and the ball every time.

We'll see how long teams do it then.

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Hard to call IMO. While I

Hard to call IMO. While I hate it because it kills the flow of the game. I do believe that you must do whatever it takes to win the game at all costs ( without being dirty of course ). I also think that it's pretty amazing how many professional basketball players who can't shoot free throws. In my opinion it's pretty unacceptable considering most of them have been playing basketball their entire lives. Like what does deandre do when it's practice ? Does he just dunk ? Like there are too many sg who can't shoot but are so athletic so should we just call them dunking guards from now on? I understand there is also a mental aspect to shooting them but still.

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I totally agree with "the Q".

I totally agree with "the Q". Intentionally fouling a player without the ball shouldnt go unpunished.It is not a basketball play. Either the player who is fouled gets 2 shots, or a one shot tech by the choice of the coach and the ball back

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