Guys I Don't Care About Wiggins Being A Great Athlete, What's More Important to me is if....

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Guys I Don't Care About Wiggins Being A Great Athlete, What's More Important to me is if....

Guys I Don't Care About Wiggins Being A Great Athlete, What's More Important to me is if he possesses a great skill level that will truly determine if he is a great basketball player. In my opinion athleticism should only be a small compliment to the great skill level that a player possesses. The best basketball players are players who possess an elite skill level and have an elite knowledge & understanding about how to play the game of basketball ( example: Larry Bird )

For example, if Andrew Wiggins was a average athlete and Jabari Parker was a average athlete in your opinion who would be the better player?

The obvious answer would be the player who possesses the higher skill level

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Athleticism matters

If Wiggins and Parker had the same athletic ability then Parker would easily be the better player. But they don't have the same athletic ability and so I easily will take Wiggins over Parker (and I'm from Chicago). It is a simple fact that there is a needed minimum amount of athleticism needed to play in the NBA.

Someone just made a great point that I read earlier today about how Kendall Marshall probably would have had much more success if he was in the NBA 10 years ago. Now coaches want physical freaks and they will teach them basketball later (Example: Noel being drafted THEN taught how to shoot the ball).

In today's game athleticism matters and you would be hard pressed to find a "star player" who is not above NBA averages in at least one physical category.

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What? Parker doesn't have the

What? Parker doesn't have the same level of athleticism as Wiggins, but he easily has more than the minimum amount you are talking about. I think Jabari's lack of athleticism is getting blown way out of proportion. I believe he's just of a good athlete as Anthony, Durant or Pierce and probably several other great NBA players.

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i agree with rich. He has so

i agree with rich. He has so much more talent and skill his athleticism is hidden because of this. Look at Barnes with the warriors. Parker will perform just as well as barnes because of his skill set alone. Plus the league is full of tweeners with the2/3 & 3/4 interchangeable. Parkers game is fine and his athleticism is too. Wiggins is just a freak..

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What's with all the penguin avatars?

I say, let's watch Wiggins, Parker and the other college prospects get adjusted to their systems and play some regular season games before we decide who will be a star and what not.

Can't wait until tomorrow BTW.

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I mean, if Brian Scalabrine

I mean, if Brian Scalabrine and Gerald Wallace were the same athlete, I think Brian would be better of the two. You can't just dismiss athletisism.

We'll get a chance to see both Wiggins and Parker play this season, see them go at each other even, then we and NBA scouts can judge if Wiggins can use his superior athletisism to his advantage, if he has it in him to develop in terms of skills, if Parker has still got a lot of room to grow.
And EVEN THEN it will be too early to decide who's the better pro.

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I agree and disagree

Athleticism does matter, but not as much as you think

It's a lot of great athletes with nba potential who haven't become great basketball players. Because they lacked the needed understanding and skills that would help them become great

1.Gerald Green
2.James White
3. Kwame Brown
4.Darius Miles
5.Stromile Swift

The most important physical tools needed for basketball are simply:
1. the ability to move with good body control and balance
2. the ability to utilize good footwork
3. the ability to move with skill when it comes to running, jumping, landing, stopping, pivoting, and cutting
4. The ability to have good core strength, lower body strength, upper body strength, muscle endurance, and muscle & joint flexibility
5. the ability to have the needed anaerobic endurance and aerobic endurance

Being a freakish athlete to me is extremely overrated. This is not track & field. It's basketball. And you ultimately need to have a very good skill level to be a very good basketball player

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I mostly agree except where

I mostly agree except where you called Kwame Brown a great athlete. He was just a big kid who dominated in high school and was inexplicably taken #1 overall. Eddy Curry was drafted 4th overall that draft and Brown was a lot more like him than Tyson Chandler who was taken 2nd.

Of all the Centers taken in that draft like Diop and the Collins twins one of the most successful players still getting it done are Sam Dalembert who was a great athlete that developed more basketball skills.

It goes both ways is what I am getting at.

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I agree that being an over

I agree that being an over the top athlete is overrated to an extent but it is the only thing you can't teach. If jabari Parker had Wiggins athleticism he'd be the greatest prospect of all time. So it works both ways. Look at Paul George and Kawaii Leonard both didn't have great basketball skills but the development programs with in there organizations nurtured their physical abilities and athletic gifts and taught them basketball skills.

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To keep it real with everybody.....

I like Andrew Wiggins and think that he is a very good nba prospect. It's just that when I read forum topic post from other members about Andrew Wiggins. All they talk about is how high he can jump, how fast he run, or simply just about how great of an athlete he is. I never hear about his passing skills, shooting skills, ball-handling skills, post skills, his ability to move with-out the ball, his footwork when working from the triple threat position, his ability to create space with the needed offensive footwork, etc. He's a talented athlete, but what about his skills.

Sometimes people forget that Michael Jordan who was arguably the greatest basketball athlete of all-time ( example - Was also arguably the greatest and most skilled basketball player of all-time ( example - )

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NBA scouts think Andrew is #1 is because of the potential .... you can teach the skills look at Lebron he came into the league without a jump shot now he's improved it .. the thing you can't teach is athleticism you can't teach someone to jump higher it's just something your born with ... Jabari will be a great player because of his great skill set but if you can combine both then you have a Lebron - Jordan - Kobe once in a generation prospect ( not saying Wiggins has both )

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I just don't get it. If

I just don't get it. If Wiggins wasn't in the upcoming draft mostly everyone would be praising Parker's athleticism right now. I think he's a great athlete, not elite, but great, which is more than enough to have success in the NBA.

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Really people need to stop

Really people need to stop acting like Wiggins is just an athlete, and holding it against him that he hasn't developed his skill as much as say Parker. Firstly his shot is not broken like say MKG its just not consistent, the form is just fine. His handle is average, its not great but by no means bad. I am not sure what people expect. If you ran faster jumped higher and only need a couple dribbles to blow by 95% of people you played against wouldn't you use it? Parker needs his handle and fundamentals more than Wiggins did in HS because athletically he is better than 80-85% of players he plays against.

This reminds me of the Harrison Barnes argument. I remember people saying how much of a better athlete MKG was than him and Barnes wouldn't do well in or improve in these very forums. Until Barnes blew that theory up at combine and during rookie season. Now argument Wiggins being so athletic is ahead of his skill set. Wiggins proved he was best when he played the best. When he played Randle head up he locked him up from all accounts. When played Jabari although I believe JP was not 100% healthy at time he did same.

Lebron and KD have gotten better every year. Every great player does. So time will tell if Wiggins maxes his potential. Right now his skill set is behind his athletic ability. How could it not be? He is the most gifted athlete to come out of high school since LBJ, and there is only one LBJ skill wise. If Wiggins skill set was equal to athletic ability he would already be one of best players in the world. One has to be ahead of the other.

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I agree. It's not like he's a

I agree. It's not like he's a raw power forward. He can handle the ball at a good level to build on, has a nice series of spin moves, a nice one handed floater, and a good looking shot that looks great from the stripe, but just needs reps from longer range.

When I watch him, I don't see a guy who is just an athlete. I see a guy that because of his athletic ability could really do a lot on the court when he gets more experience. From a skillset standpont, he's not the most skilled 18 year old I've ever seen, but he can still do a lot and is by no means just an athlete or far behind his peers in terms of skill.

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Why does everyone assume that

Why does everyone assume that Wiggins is nothing more than a great athlete? Many also tend to forget that every time they have played each other Wiggins has outplayed Parker despite this supposed giant gap in skill.

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If the question is who has the highest ceiling. The more athletic player has a chance to be better. Michael Jordan had great skills. Elite shooting and handle but when you put elite skills to his elite speed and quickness and of course elite mental you get the greatest. So Jabari is a good athlete, but Wiggins has a chance to be a super elite athlete, you hope he has the mental approach to develop elite skills and you have an all time great.

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