The Guy we need to Draft is...

James Anderson SG Oklahoma St. If he's there when we pick it's a no brainer, he's long, athletic and has a hell of a shot. I expect him to start from day one for us or wherever he goes. He'd be a huge get for us, I'd even consider trading up to get him if that's our only option. Forget what you saw against Ga Tech in the NCAAs this kid if a baller and a real gem.

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I actually doubt he gets to

I actually doubt he gets to us. In my first mock draft I had him going to Chicago.

Heck, we may even need to trade back and pick up Terrico White. Dominique Jones wouldn't be a bad pickup either. But I agree with you, if Anderson is there, we gotta go with him. I just doubt he will be available

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I Agree

akintu - Anderson would be an excellent pick for the Hawks. Expect the T'Wolves, Bulls, and Heat to all be shopping/selling their picks from 16-18. If the Hawks are aggressive, they can snatch up Anderson in the middle of the draft, then get a project at #24 (my vote is for Jerome Jordan). This draft is incredibly deep, and the franchises who are aggressive are gonna benefit in the long term.

GTucker - How far back would you wanna go? White and Jones are solid players, but don't you think they project as second rotation guys? Maybe I'm missing something, but White's low defensive IQ and Jones' lack of athleticism will keep them from being starters for a productive team. If the Hawks like them & Knicks or Heat were selling their second round picks, then, I'd hit them up for a future second rounder, and get one of them there.

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If we draft him, are you

If we draft him, are you going to just pencil him in as a SG. he is more successful as a 3, which doesnt work out too well with this team and its current core

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I don't really like

James Anderson. I didn't see too much of him in college, but watching him at the combine just made me not like his game. He was so streaky that day (my bad, horrible) that I'm sure that's the last thing the Hawks need.

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But the team’s first priority

But the team’s first priority was to re-sign Nash and have the future Hall of Famer end his career in Phoenix, until the financial numbers didn’t make sense going that route for a team also looking to get back into contention.

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“If you want to win, you’re

“If you want to win, you’re going to have to sacrifice at times,” said Sacks. “I think when you’re under the mindset that you want to win and that’s the most important thing, I don’t necessarily think that playing time is a bad thing. You never want a player to be happy about not playing. I mean, I wouldn’t be.

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Since then, UConn has

Since then, UConn has confirmed that Calhoun will be retiring and that there will be a press conference Thursday afternoon making it official. By then, Ollie may have an agreement in place with Huskies athletic director Warde Mauel, but no such agreement had been made as of Wednesday despite reports of the contrary.

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