This guy...

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This guy...

What's up with all the disrespect coming from this guy? Do you agree with what he's saying? I think he's far out of line here. Not every draft has a potential hall of fame prospect...

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I normally like Bob Ryan but

I normally like Bob Ryan but he was being a bit of a dick there, some of these players will do alright. Also saying they need more college, isn't college the reason there isn't a consensus number one pick this year due to Nerlens Noel's injury. He thinks all these projected first rounders need to go back to college, well Mason Plumlee and Jeff Withey might have a few problems there.

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Not very nice

Bob Ryan is just running his mouth and does not know what he is talking about. So what this draft does not have the marquee consensus #1 pick. That is not the case every year. I think that this draft is deep with players that can be glue guys the in league. Jeff Withey, Gorgui Deng, both big men can have long careers playing good sound defense. Jamaal Franklin projected to go 2nd round, Michael Snaer late 2nd round, even Pierre Jackson could end up sticking around a while. These are just a few of the many players outside of the lottery that could end up being pretty good.

I like the number of NBA size shooting guards coming out. Guys like, Franklin, Snaer, KCP, Hardaway Jr., Crabbe, all 6'5 or taller.

Can't forget to mention this snub, how in the heck is Ricardo Ledo not even projected? Even though he didn't get to display his talents on the collegiate level, I honestly think he is going to be a great player. If he slips into the second round, he will definitely be a steal (if not THE steal) of this draft.

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Last time I checked

Last time I checked the 2011 draft didnt have a consensus number 1 pick but who turned out to be the number 1 pick.....Kyrie Irving. Some times the nba game is just better suited for some of these college players. Usually enjoy listening to Bob but I hope his disrespectful attitude motivates players in this draft to work hard

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I strongly dislike Bob Ryan,

I strongly dislike Bob Ryan, this is what I think of whenever I see him on TV

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Bob Ryan has the right to his oppinion the same way everyone on this site has the right to their own... the difference is he has an audience and a nice paycheck that goes along with his oppinion(s).

He's correct in saying that theirs no obvious player(s) that are franchise fortune changers. To me it's the perfect kind of draft for the Spurs or Thunder to continue their draft dominance being that they draft for quality players that fit their
system(s) while the franchises that keep failing such as the Wolves that are looking for homeruns with every pick instead of players that fit their program..

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Eh.... This looks like a

Eh.... This looks like a really weak draft class, but if you don't get an NBA player in this draft, you need to fire your scouting department. Mr. Irrelevant on the latest mock is Matt Bonner with better defense.

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