Guess who led the nation in rebounds last night???

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Guess who led the nation in rebounds last night???

Demetrius Walker...with 17...Doh!

Most of you know the name, but for those that don't...

Dubbed the 'Next LeBron' at 12...featured in Sports Illustrated at 14 ...and was even the subject of a book 'Play Their Hearts Out'...Walker eventually became one of the poster boys for young hoopers getting too much hype too soon.

He obviously never lived up to such lofty expectations, but I when I saw his statline for the night (26 & 17) not to mention those 17 rebounds led the nation, I couldn't help but crack a smile. He'll probably never play in the NBA, but it's nice to know his story is not a complete train wreck.

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He was considered the "Next

He was considered the "Next LeBron" when he was 12? 11 years ago... Before LeBron was even in the league?

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I can't believe this kid is

I can't believe this kid is still eligible, and I use the term "kid" lightly he must be close to his mid 20s by now. This is his third school in his college career. ASU, New Mexico, and now Grand Canyon University. I saw him play in high school at St Marrys High, same school as Jerryd Bayless and Channing Frye, and I wasn't impressed with what he could do against high schoolers, didn't where the hype came from.

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He is 23 now. He had already

He is 23 now. He had already graduated at New Mexico and had one more year of eligiblity left so he transferred to Grand Canyon. He is averaging 18 a game at Grand Cayon. He isn't what you would call a scrub but he didn't live up to the hype he was given at a young age. Most of his hype was given to him because he was physically dominate to other middle schoolers. He was dunking at like 12 years old. At 14 he was 6'3 and could do 360 dunks. His youth coach was a greaseball and left him for dead when he realized Walker was not going to grow past 6'3. He didn't want to take the time to show him guard skills and actually teach him the game. I respect him for still making something out of himself because a lot of kids that are highly touted at a young age but can't live up to it end up depressed and just give up on everything.

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Good for him, got a degree

Good for him, got a degree and he's still playing ball - even if it is for a small school.

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