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With all the trades going around, im curious to see what golden state will do with logjam Thompson, Iguodala and Barnes. Thats why i think that the iguodala signing was a head scratcher. With budding stars in barnes and thompson, and paying of iguodala where its likely he won't come off the bench (with the money he's getting paid.) Barnes shown promise at sf (especially in the playoffs) it'll be odd to have him come off the bench, and he's def. not a full time starting pf. Thompson has shown to be a great 1-2 punch combo with curry It'll be interesting to see what they do with the three. Either way, GSW have some nice assets on their team.

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This gives Steph Curry to

This gives Steph Curry to opportunity to move more without the ball since Iggy is a great passer (especially in transition).

I'd put Klay on the bench as the scoring punch. Plus, they can always have the option of playing small ball (Curry-Thompson-Iggy-Barnes-Bogut)

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I think Iggy should come off

I think Iggy should come off the bench as a super 6th man type, kinda like Ginobili does.
He can play 3 positions, and is a superior athlete and would bring a great punch off the bench.
Doesn't have to start but still play starter minutes.

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I wouldn't call it a logjam.

I wouldn't call it a logjam. To me, its Klay Thompson at SG, Iguodala at SF, and Barnes off the bench. Its a luxury having someone explosive like Barnes coming off the bench.

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Haha all 3 guys that have

Haha all 3 guys that have commented so far have said the 3 different options of what do to. Which is a good thing, because all 3 guys can play both wing positions , so I don't really see it as a logjam. Now a days you can't just have a solid starting 5 to compete for a title, because of so much really good teams, the tanking teams are also giving there players to any team that is competing for the playoffs. So the best way to keep up with these teams is just getting the most talent has possible.

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Barnes is not a SG he is strictly a SF that you can play at PF if going small.

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barnes at the 4 and lee at

barnes at the 4 and lee at the 5 when they wanna spread the floor

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