Grizzlies Interested in Lee, Randolph?

While insiders contend the organization remains undeterred in its efforts to consummate a trade for Los Angeles Clippers forward Zach Randolph, there are several other options the Griz can now consider in hopes of bolstering their frontline.

Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley is determined to bring to Memphis a high-caliber power forward, making that his priority this offseason, less than two years after gift-wrapping Pau Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers.

That player must fit the criteria, though, of being young, productive and reasonably priced.

Armed with significant money to spend under the salary cap, the Griz will join at least six teams -- Detroit, Oklahoma City, Portland, Sacramento, Atlanta and Toronto -- expected to be in position to shop.

Utah's Paul Milsap and New York's David Lee are highly coveted yet restricted free agents who will have several suitors, including Memphis and Oklahoma City. Reports already have Oklahoma preparing to offer Milsap a five-year, $65 million contract -- something similar to a deal Lee reportedly is seeking.

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5year-65mill for Millsap, thats about 15mil more than i wouldd pay for an undersized guy whos never been a full time starter, especially at the risk of alienating the lesser-paid trio of Westbrook,KD, and Jeff Green who have all proved themselves as much if not more then Milsap

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i agree

i think that is a little too much for a guy who isnt even a star and hasnt proven that he can lead a team

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i think this is ridiculous

because Millsap on OKC he would come off the Bench because this is their starting lineup next yr.


Millsp isn't a 5, plus OKC is verysmall already in the frontcourt and they wanna overpay a undersized powerforward

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Westbrook and Durant are not

Westbrook and Durant are not the type of guys to complain that someone else gets paid more. They are very laid back and realistic. They wont have to worry about that. Why would they want Millsap more than Lee though? Lee is at least 1.5 inch(es) taller and though neither has injury problems, Lee has proven he can hold up as a full time starter. I would rather have Lee.

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Sure Durant & Westbrook

Sure Durant & Westbrook wouldn't complain about someone getting more $, but no way Millsap is worth that much money, if they gave him that much he'd be making 13 mil/yr...that's just as much as Elton Brand, more than Jamison, I know you're not gonna say he's at the level of those guys!!!
10 mil is the most I'd give him, and I think that's a little much, he's worth more like 8, especially on that team where he won't even start!!!

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