Grizzlies fans : How do you feel about the Gay Trade?

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Grizzlies fans : How do you feel about the Gay Trade?

In case someone missed it the Grizzlies acquired Tayshaun Prince, Ed Davis, Austin Daye, and a Raptors second round pick for Rudy Gay. I just wanted to see how Grizzlies fans feel about the move.

From my perspective the move will provide move shots for Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph which only makes sense because they are beasts. Getting Tayshaun in return gives the Grizzlies another tough perimeter defender and a guy who always plays within the team structure. Ed Davis helps strengthen the Grizzlies front court off the bench and he should do well there. Austin Daye is a question mark, but he wouldn't be the first player who played much better for his second team than he did his first.

The only downside I see at the moment is that the Grizzlies perimeter scoring will likely dip with the loss of Rudy Gay.

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frowny face

I'm not a Grizzlies fan but I'm upset. You can say all you want about how he is overpaid but that starting lineup really gelled together and it's a shame to see that broken up. Hope for the best in Toronto, I don't see him staying there once his contract is expired for whatever that is worth.

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Not a Toronto fan, but I wish

Not a Toronto fan, but I wish they didn't give up Ed Davis. I liked him there, and like DunksNJordans said I don't see him staying once his contract expires

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Not a grizz fan but....

this trade is alright with me.......Tayshawn provides defense that rudy doesn't and any scoring rudy brought to the table can be handled by zach and marc in the post more efficiently. If austin is groomed right, with new scenery he could provide some perimeter scoring off the bench, he has a similar skill set to rudy with less athelticism......ed davis will provide some efficient post scoring for the second unit.....this is a OVERALL GOOD TRADE for the grizzlies they're deeper now with more cap room. This trade doesn't do a whole lot for detroit or toronto though......maybe they're gonna use bknight as an undersized 2 and give up on him improving his pg toronto the town ain't big enough for the two of demar and rudy one of em's gotta go....kinda like with calderon and lowry.....

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