Grizzlies and the #2 pick

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Grizzlies and the #2 pick

Im sure they might end up trading the pick, but i really honestly dont know. Who holds the most value at this position? Should they draft rubio or thabeet as trade bait? Teams are very interested in both players. opinions?

I honestly think Marc is their center and not quite enough to guard todays PF's. I think jordan hill would be an excellant fit but who knows what they'll do with it.

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j hill

i think they should trade down a few spots and get jordan hill to fill that PF spot which they need badly, drafting him #2 is too risky... if they trade down to 5 of 6 they mite get a nice role player or somethin

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I've been saying this for 3

I've been saying this for 3 months now

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draft the second best player

draft the second best player

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memphis and kings

they are working out a deal it going to go like this when draft day comes the are going to trade the pick to the kings and get jordan hill at the 4th spot or memphis draft rubio and kings draft hill and they make a trade memphis isnt interest in thabeet no more because the have too many center so there isnt a need for him

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