Griffins the no brainer pick but can the Clips afford him

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Griffins the no brainer pick but can the Clips afford him

It seems evey year the 1st overall pick gets the biggest rookie contract ever and this year should be no exeption but Baron Davis has one of the biggest salaries in basketball, Zach Randolph has a giant contract, Kaman, Camby, and Ricky Davis are also paid alot(whether they deserve it or not)plus theyll want to save money to resign Gordon and DeAndre Jordan down the road

Maybe they trade down to tthe kings for their no.4 pick, a role player, and a future second rounder?

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Is it possible they will package the pick with Randolph or Davis to move down. If they really want Thabeet maybe trade with OKC. #3 pick for Randolph and #1? Would OKC take Randolph?

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Memphis has tons of cap

Memphis has tons of cap room. They would probably be more than willing to trade up for Griffin and give them cap relief

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I think no matter what a

I think no matter what a teams cap figure they can always sign rookies - if they couldn't the knicks wouldn't have been able to sign their picks the past few years. the clips are not trading griffin away to save salary. that'd be the stupidest move ever. ...but hey, they are the clippers!

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Why didnt Kings get the first pick ?

No I dont think the Clippers could afford Blake Griffin, I really thought that Sacremento was going to get 1st pick this year they screw the kings knowing that they dont have any star player but Sacramento could make a deal with the Clippers and traded spots.... the deal would proably be...

Kevin Martin
There 4th pick and
another player

But Next Year Scramento Better Be In The Top Three.

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go to google. type in

go to google. type in rookie scale 2009-2010. the most griffen can make is somewhere in the 4.7 mil range. all the clippers have to do is make a few roster changes to make it happen. it's not like nfl or mlb. rookie contracts are not negotiated.

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can people be...

this unintelligent? Seriously, I like to think the people who post on here have a brain but threads like this make me doubt it. The rookie pay scale is set up so that where you are drafted auotomatically decides how much money you make for your first 3-4 years. So the fact that the #1 picks get paid the most is not a coincidence. Also, the difference in salary between picks 1 and 4 is about 1 million dollars per season, and if you think the Clippers can't aford to pay 1 million dollars, then you are an idiot.

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i think the number 1 pick gets around 4-5mil. also, teams can sign their picks even if they go over the luxury tax. that's a no-brainer. i hope the clips seriously rebuild and trade away z-bo, kaman...etc.

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im glad yall said it..its obvious that they dont know awhole lot about basketball if they didnt know that

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