Greg Oden wants to play this season

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Greg Oden wants to play this season

Oden has been cleared for all workouts and plans to play next season. Hard to believe, but he's still only 24 years old. Should we get our hopes up?

Hardens beard
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Oden should give back some of

Oden should give back some of that money to portland. you could have paid me to sit on the bench and be a spectator

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I think Portland should focus

I think Portland should focus on getting better trainers/staff. They are probably the worst in the NBA in that regard. I cringe everytime I think about what may happen to Lillard(please God no...) after what happened to Roy and Oden.

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@Hardens beard

And why should Paul Allen have that money instead? While Oden was sitting on the bench (and working as hard as possible to get back on the court), Allen was sitting in a luxury box, living it up with his rich pals, and doing whatever else it is that billionaires do.

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Yup instead of rehabilitating

Yup instead of rehabilitating him correctly like Phoenix or any other team would have..

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I'm praying this young man

I'm praying this young man gets a chance and plays 60+ games this season. Despite the $$$ he's made, I know it has to be killing him inside on the bad luck he's had. It has to be mentally exhausting to go through all this and not be able to do something you love. At this point, if he can come off the bench and average 6 points, 6 boards, and 1 block in about 20 minutes, I'd be happy for him. Miami seems like a very good fit but where ever he goes, best of luck G.O.

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I just have a feeling another

I just have a feeling another setback is going to happen and will have to sit out he season AGAIN. I hope I'm wrong though.

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please Rod Thorn

For the sake of all Sixers fans who know just how awful Spencer Hawes is at defense, sign Greg Oden to a one year deal. Maybe even two if that's what it takes.

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If Oden signs with the Heat and is all of a sudden healthy and injury free, I'll be pissed

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How much do you think he will be able to sign for?

How big of a contract do you think he can get?

Who is more likely to revive thier career: Eddy Curry or Greg Oden?

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I really hope both of these guys

I really hope both of these guys can get back on the right track. Eddy seemed very humbled throughout the season as a player on the Heat bench having to witness first hand their struggles and successes. Hopefully this is enough motivation for him to get back to being a 13 and 6 type of guy like he was back with the Bulls and a bit with the Knicks (highly unlikely he averages those type of numbers again lol, but I really hope for him to have a serviceable season with Miami come 2012-13). As for Oden, its been nothing but bad luck. When he is on the court, we've seen flashes of his capability and all-star qualities when healthy. I hope this is the year he makes a strong recovery.

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You've gotta love Oden's

You've gotta love Oden's outlook. I know I woulda been damn near inconsolable after all these rehabs and then to injure himself again. But he doesn't complain and works hard to get back on the court. Hope he can become something in the league. And wow, can't believe he is only 24 haha

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If Roy can only get a 2yr/10m

If Roy can only get a 2yr/10m then I'm guessing Oden would be able to squeeze out a 2yr/6m with a 3rd year team option.

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Cleveland has a pretty good

Cleveland has a pretty good medical staff and incredbily close to the Cleveland Clinic. Wouldn't mind signing him to an ridiculously cheap contract. However, wherever he ends up, not only does he need a solid medical staff.. I feel he needs to sit out a full year solely to rehab the knee and get in the best shape of his life..

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Ironically, with all the

Ironically, with all the injuries Greg Oden has to be moving up the Team USA alternate depth chart.
He might one more Anthony Davis ankle tweak and one more DeMarcus Cousin manic episode from being the backup
center on the 2012 team.

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I wouldn't mind the Pistons

I wouldn't mind the Pistons giving the big guy a shot. Granted we have Drummond and Monroe already and basically no roster spots open if we offer Middleton/Wallace slots.. I would still like to give Oden a shot with our training staff etc. They seemed to be able to help TMac become a little better.

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I'd love to see him end up in

I'd love to see him end up in Houston. The Rockets have a great coaching staff there, a knack for getting production out of their bigs and a whole lot of cap space while they try and pursue Howard.

If they sign Oden to a small one year deal and he blows up (in a good way), all that cap space they have reserved for Howard could be just as easily applied to them.

Alternatively, Orlando would be a great place for Oden to end up, they have done a great job keeping Dwight healthy for the majority of his career, and they have a history of using their bigs well.

Obviously Phoenix is the ideal place for him, but they are pretty set at C with Gortat and Lopez, so I don't think they'd offend their rotation guys by bringing in a guy like Oden who could easily supplant them.

Wherever he ends up, I just want to see him healthy and on the court.

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Let's say Houston does get

Let's say Houston does get Dwight, could you imagine a Dwight and a somewhat healthy Oden big man tandem?

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IMO, If Oden returns that's his best bet. Go home to Indy, play behind Hibbert and regain some confidence without the pressure of performing right away.

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i just have a

gut feel that oden will make a good comeback this year if he signs with another team(not protland)

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i guess im going to be the

i guess im going to be the only debby downer here, and say... i dont see it happening. and the only reason i say this. is cause a couple seasons back when he did start the season off, and played like 15 or something games.. i was really happy. and then i find out he reinjured that knee one game. i flew in the white flag for him.

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If Greg does get medically

If Greg does get medically cleared and starts doing workouts, he'll easily get pres-season training camp offers which would like to some sort of contract if he is sound. I like the Cavs and Detroit ideas, the Detroit one is interesting as if he is sound then it allows Drummond time to be developed by Big Ben and co.

I'll throw in Atlanta who maybe lack a legit big and with Marvin Williams moved then maybe Smith and Horford both slide across a position.

Also NOH perhaps need a legit big whilst Davis develops so could be another option.

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I think it would be wise to

I think it would be wise to play him in very limited minutes. At the very best, I feel he could play a similar role as Alonzo Mourning did very late in his career. A high volume shot blocker and rebounder in 15-20 minutes per game.

At the very worst, he'll get injured again, but I would roll the dice on him with a minimum contract. OKC picked up Thabeet for a two year minimum deal. Low risk, medium reward. I'd buy it.

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Hornets. Please.

Hornets. Please.

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