Greg Monroe Is A Beast

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Greg Monroe Is A Beast

Has anyone been watching Georgetown Hoyas games lately? Greg Monroe is beasting it. He came up big in the game against UCCON, with 15 points, 8 boards, 3 steals, and a block, dropped 21 points and 11 boards on Notre Dame, and on Providence, he almost put up a triple double with 13 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals, and 2 blocks. Monroe to me, is a lock to get drafted in the top 5 of the 2009 NBA Draft, barring a injury.

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i know bro

monroe should be the #1 pick...btw im a UNC fan so....

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Greg is beastin' it!

He looks really good right now, and is the only site that doesn't seem to think so. The combination of his size and skill guarantees him a spot in the top ten of any draft. He looks like a true Chris Webber clone, unlike the Josh McRoberts comparison that this site gives him. In my Mock Draft I have him going to Golden State at #6. I think Don Nelson will see alot of Dirk Nowitzki in Greg Monroe and will ultimately select him if he's available even though they've drafted Randolph and Wright in the previous two drafts. He just needs to become a more aggresive defender in the post and learn to swat shots off the weakside more consistently, he's appears to have the size and length to do so. With less "guaranteed to be good" players in this draft he's got the chance to go anywhere from #2 to #7. I only think that Griffin, Rubio, and Harden project to be guaranteed future Stars, not necessarily Superstars, but after those three it really goes up in the air. I believe that Stephen Curry has the ability to be a better version of Sam Cassell, somewhere between him and Steve Nash. If you've watched any of Davidson's games this year, you've seen his ability to pass and create for his teamates as well as himself, unfortunately in the process I'm sure you've also seen his teamates inabillity to produce at the level he does, as a result his turnover stats have become very bloated. Their team should be called Stephen Curry and the Davidson Butterfingers, believe me Curry whips those one handed passes into the post on a break and 50% of those passes teamates bobble. Get some real players around him and you'll get a chance to see him really shine. I think Austin Daye is a huge enigma for this draft, he's got the size, length, adequate athleticism, and skill set to really dominate, but after partially tearing his ACL at the Lebron James Skills Academy this last summer there's been a big difference between how he played last season and this season. It appears that the limited strength in that knee has forced him to shoot a bit more akward, as evidenced by watching him this year and by the drop in his shot percentages, even his free throw percentage has went down dramatically. He's not able to drive to the hoop like he did last year, and as a result has settled for his jump shot more times than not. Jennings and Derozan are in the same boat too, extremely high potential, but not producing at the level that they were expected to. Teams that have done worse than expected because of underacheving or injuries will definitely take a long look at these three high potential players (ie: Washington Wizards, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls) if Griffin, Rubio, and Harden aren't available. Thabeet is looking more and more like a one dimensional player, all he has is size and shot blocking skills, if you're a team that is willing to draft him the top 5 don't expect much more improvement, he just plays so akward. Expect Thabeet, Monroe, Mullens, and possibly Aldrich to all go in the top 10, with Aldrich being the last to be picked of the four in any scenario. 1. OKC - Griffin 2. Sacramento - Harden 3. Washington - Monroe 4. LA Clippers - Jordan Hill 5. Memphis - Brandon Jennings 6. Golden State - Stephen Curry 7. Charlotte - Thabeet 8. New York - Earl Clark 9. Minnesota - Demar Derozan 10. Chicago - BJ Mullens 11. Indiana - Austin Daye.

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The guy should go no lower than 5

Monroe is a stud just simple and plain. He passes well for a big and will eventually be able to guard all three frontcourt positions. I think he develop more moves and get more aggressive offensively. Nice mid range J wouldn't hurt. Like his hook shot and footwork as well. Should be a good pro at the very least he has really been impressive so far this season. Should be picked in the top 5

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Are we sure Monroe can't play the 3?

His body-type reminds me a bit of the late Eddie Griffin. Monroe, though, is a better ball-handler and has an okay mid-range game.

I do think he would be best playing the four on a team with a strong center. But I do think he would be a competent 3 on a team with quick guards who are good shooting from the perimeter.

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