Greeks That Should Be Or Should Have Been In The NBA: Nobody

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Greeks That Should Be Or Should Have Been In The NBA: Nobody

Please shutup European Basket.

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Brace yourselves

The race card will be played

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Sofoklis at 285 lbs

While Euroballer strays too far in one direction, I don't believe it be right to stray far in the other. For a country of just ten million inhabitants, it has produced some seriously good basketball players, along with some highly efficient basketball teams. And there have indeed been and are several NBA-quality players hailing from Greece. Just not as many as euroballer thinks ;-)

If Sofoklis Schortsianitis had taken care of his body, and lost weight to get to around 280-290 lbs, he would have been an NBA all-star. Unfortunately, his weight has fluctuated from about 320 to 380. A few years ago, when he got towards 380, he spent time at a Swiss rehabilitation center, which suggests that he likely suffers from a rather serious eating disorder known as "compulsive overeating."

Sofoklis DOMINATED at the junior levels, and at the tender age of seventeen averaged 11 ppg and grabbed 6 rpg in the Greek league. And while those numbers don't scream "NBA All-Star", the Greek league plays at a very slow tempo and is considerably more competitive than the NCAA. His late June birthday would have made him an older high school junior or a very young high school senior; not many Americans that age would have been able to play at such a high level in such a competitive league.

At 16, when he was fit, he was 6'9" 253 lbs. of SOLID muscle. His combination of strength, quickness, skill, and explosiveness was rare, and had he been American, he likely would have been top five in his high school class. He grew to 6'10" in shoes, with a 7'2" wingspan, though unfortunately, as I've mentioned, he gained a significant amount of weight that has limited his stamina and athleticism. I do recall, as I'm sure many here recall, that, before his waist truly ballooned, Sofoklis was a key contributor to Greece's 2006 upset of the United States. Though a sad day for me, it showed Sofoklis' potential, which unfortunately has not, nor ever will be realized.

Other recent NBA-caliber Greek players include Ioannis Bourousis (after some time in an NBA nutrition program), Theo Papaloukas (not now, though he would have been a solid point-forward), and especially Dimitri Diamantidis. I wanted the Miami Heat to think outside the box in 2010 and sign, or try to sign, Diamantidis to play point guard for them. He would have been a PERFECT fit. A 6'5" 210 lbs point that distributes, defends three positions, plays intelligently, and doesn't need to score--though he can--and only takes good shots. Oh well.

European Basket...
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Spanoulis is much better than

Spanoulis is much better than any player you mentioned.

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Yeah Greece sucks at

Yeah Greece sucks at basketball,they can't even make the Olympics but for some reason Euroballer thinks they can make it in the NBA

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not making the olympics

not making the olympics doesn't me anything. Iran has a guy in the NBA. There are so many obscure ways to make it to the NBA, like Alan anderson who played in like 5 different countries and was like 29 when he made the NBA, Dequan jones couldnt start at miami his senior year and he made the NBA the year he graduated, there are probably so many more different and random ways to make it there and it is surprising that no greek player is in the NBA.

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