Greek Player Michalis Kamperidis Update

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Greek Player Michalis Kamperidis Update

Update on Greek player Michalis Kamperidis. He is 1994 born power forward. He is 6-9, very athletic player that can defend at 3 and 4 positions and that can shoot 3 pointers and is very good shot blocker also. He is still playing in Greek 2nd Division, but he is now probably main and best player of his team. He is very athletic and talented young power forward. Here he is in YouTube:

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Looks like an above average

Looks like an above average athlete, but he looks to be too skinny to be an NBA 4, and the clip didnt really show any dribble moves so as such I assume he has a below average handle for a wing. His jumper doesnt look broken by any means, but doesnt look incredibly fluid either. Could probably be a solid college player, not sure about his NBA prospects.

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its pretty hard to grasp the

its pretty hard to grasp the true talent of a player without much competition, i'm not saying that he is not good, but let him play along side a senior in college and he would have a huge awakening. Again i'm not implying that players in Greek 2nd division are not good but surely the training is better in the states, He should come to the states and play some college hoops

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