The Greatest player(s) of this generation....

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The Greatest player(s) of this generation....

The Greatest player(s) of this generation (imo) will be the guy who decides to start from the beginning.... bare balls, nothing to offer but a chance to create a team on his own skill/merit without asking for the help of the "big three" Nonsense" that players are asking for today. Jordan never asked for help.... neither did Bird or Magic let alone the true great players of yesterday. They willed their teams to championships and greatness without disturbing the NBA's natural balance. Freeagency is fine, but the way these players try to pave their way to "greatness" is a joke. "I want the opportunity to win championships"... blah blah blah! They all say the same thing... well earn it! Get out there on the court without stacking the lineup and show us what you've got! Don't ask for others to create greatness for you, get out there and do it the way it is suppose to be done... on the court with players that have chemistry/like one another assembled by fate/chance in a manner consistant with fair equitable sportsmanship. These modern day players aren't sportman... they speak of how they want championships, yet ask for others to provide the means to accomplish it. The challenge is suppose to be in the competition, not what is granted or what is handed to them. Some day the real sportsman will prevail... I'm talking about ther player that make his huge NBA contract and wins without needing to be media contrived "dream team" or conjured up by players claiming to be the greatest without the basis to to annoint themselves (LeBron/Wade just as an example) Am I on to something.... or on something? Sorry... for the rant, but I'm just getting tired of the way todays NBA is run. Does anybody else feels the same way?

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