Greatest Match-ups Of All-Time

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Greatest Match-ups Of All-Time

A recent post by @For_Never_Ever was an amazing old picture of Wilt running track. An @JoeWolf1 (not name dropping just giving credit) response about Wilt's high jumping ability got me thinking and I responded that my dad always told me Wilt could high jump 7'2. To which he said it was only 6'6 but with Fosbury Flop it would have been 7'6. I was going to respond back with the following ** but I thought it would generate a lot of conversation so I decided to make it a Forum Topic.

** Regardless if my dad was wrong (most likely) or it was some folklore that grew, it is incredible for a man of his height to be able to do that. Too bad there isn't a machine that would let players of different eras face off because it would be so so cool to see what Wilt and others would do against the other greats. Sure some players from eras past athletically possibly wouldn't cut it but Wilt would obviously be able to hang. There are several different videos of Bill Russell jumping over other players during games that are pretty incredible as well. I know players today are bigger, faster, stronger but, if that amazing machine did exist I have a feeling a lot of people would be shocked just how good, as well as incredibly athletic, some older players are.

With the Machine.....Which match-ups would you most like to see? Player vs. Player, in their prime. Team vs. Team too maybe.

Mine: Player vs. Player

MJ vs. Kobe. When they first met Kobe told he could kick his ass 1 one 1. Would be fun but Mike just isn't losing.

MJ vs. LeBron. They don't play the same position and have different games but I think this two will be considered 1 and 2 for GOAT for a long time. And I want to see that match-up!

Arvydas Sabonis vs. Shaq. Shaq could arguably be the most dominated player ever. While many will say Shaq vs. Wilt or another great center would be better, but I think Sabonis might have the best combination of size, strength, and athleticism to compete with Shaq, if that is possible. Sabonis would give Shaq fits on the perimeter as well.

Bill Russell vs. Hakeem Olajuwon. Player ranked 1 all time in Defensive Win Shares vs. the post moves ever (McHale wins if quantity over quality).

D Rose vs. Tim Hardaway. My two favorite players of all time.

Team vs. Team.

Bulls vs. Houston ('94-'95). Not really the point of this but was robbed of this match-up thanks to Jordan's hubris.

Who you putting into the machine?

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Penny and Yao, Careers were

Penny and Yao, Careers were cut short. However, these guys were all time talents. Who knows how much greater they could have been.

Larry Bird vs Kevin Durant

Hakeem Olajuwon vs Kevin Garnet

Penny Hardaway vs Tracy McGrady

Yao Ming vs Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Michael Jordan vs Dwayne Wade

Kobe Byrant vs Lebron James

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Tim Duncan vs Hakeem

Tim Duncan vs Hakeem Olajuwon

Kevin Durant vs Larry Bird

Gary Payton vs Chris Paul

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Can I get

Some Sam Bowie vs Greg Oden?

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Drazen Petrovic vs Manu

Drazen Petrovic vs Manu Ginobili

MJ vs Kobe

Tim Duncan vs Kevin Mchale

Kevin Durant vs George Gervin

Charles Barkley vs Moses Malone

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Give me some Reggie Miller vs Stephen Curry

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Today's Heat vs MJs Bulls

Today's Heat vs MJs Bulls

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Larry Bird VS any small

Larry Bird VS any small forward playing today. Just to shut up the kids that think Bird would be a scrub if he played today.

Wilt Chamberlain VS Shaq - both of them so big, strong and athletic

Although seeing Sabonis in the NBA during his prime would have been amazing too.

Oscar Robertson VS Magic Johnson

Lebron James VS Scottie Pippen - I'd love to see how Pippen would do against LBJ

Gary Payton VS Walt Frazier - 2 very similar players separated by 23 years

MJ circa 1993 VS Kobe circa 2008 - both guys were about 30, Jordan won his third championship in a row and Kobe won his first MVP and was about to win 2 finals MVPs.

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Like ItsDwightHoward said ^,

Like ItsDwightHoward said ^, Bird vs. any of the superstar SFs from the past 15 years just to show that he would still be one of the best. People say that he's not athletic enough, but does anyone remember the multiple times he took it to Dr. J and Dominique Wilkins, 2 players that would be elite athletes even in today's game? The "not athletic" argument is a joke

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I want to see a 3 on 3 of Mj,

I want to see a 3 on 3 of Mj, Pippen, and Horace Grant vs. LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. I'd also like the the pre game match to be BJ Armstrong vs. Mario Chalmers haha. Also props to For ever Never for the Yao vs. Kareem.

3 more:

Rondo vs. Kidd in a five on five with high schoolers as teammates.

T-Mac vs. Dr. J

Len Bias vs. Andrew Wiggins (after Wiggins gets a year of college)

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nice thread

Hakeem vs McHale
Mikan vs Kareem
Tim Duncan vs KG
Shaq vs Wilt Chamberlain
Dwight Howard vs David Robinson
Moses Malone vs KLove
Shawn Kemp vs Blake Griffin
Pippen vs Lebron
Kobe vs MJ- 20's and 30's same age that's all
Lebron(heat,2011-2012, 2012-2013) vs MJ( First Three Peat) same age different players more polished games
Paul George vs Pippen
Cousy vs Maravich and Nash playing both
CP3 vs Isiah Thomas
Rondo vs Stockton
Big O vs Magic
Bird vs Nowitzki
Durant vs Bird
Melo vs Durant
Kobe vs Melo
Durant vs Melo
Durant vs Lebron
Dominique Wilkins vs David Thompson
Stockton vs Rondo
Mitch Richmond vs MJ
Allen Iverson vs Derrick Rose
Rose vs Westbrook
Kobe vs Durant
Dr. J vs Elgin Baylor
MJ vs Dr.J
MJ vs Elgin Baylor
Shawn Kemp vs Larry Johnson
Alonzo Mourning vs Dikembe Mutombo
Dwight Howard vs Andrew Bynum
CP3 vs Deron Williams
Karl Malone vs Tim Duncan
Bird vs Magic
T-Mac vs Vince Carter
Penny vs Magic
Kidd vs Magic
Gary Payton vs Kidd

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Kwame Brown vs Darko

Kwame Brown vs Darko Milicic
Michael Olowokandi vs Yinka Dare
Norm Van Lier vs Mookie Blaylock
Michael Cooper vs Alvin Robertson
John Stockton vs Mark Jackson
Fat Lever vs Rajon Rondo
Reggie Theus vs Joe Dumars
Michael Ray Richardson vs Nick Van Exel
Dennis Rodman vs Ben Wallace
Spud Webb Vs Nate Robinson
Gheorge Muresan vs Manute Bol
Earl Boykins vs Muggsy Bogues

benjo34 (not verified)
MJ VS Kobe Dwight vs Patrick

MJ VS Kobe

Dwight vs Patrick Ewing

Derick Rose VS Garry Payton

Durant vs Bird

Scotie Pipen VS Lebron

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Mine would be

Shaq in his Prime vs. Howard.

Allen Iverson vs. D-Rose

Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James

As for teams...

The current Miami Heat vs. Showtime LA Lakers

The 2010 Lakers vs. The 2010 Cavs

I remember the hype that matchup was getting. 23 vs 24. LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant. I would of given anything to see them finally face off in the Nba Finals. never came.

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Dwight Howard VS the 90's

Dwight Howard VS the 90's centers (Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, Shaquille O'Neal, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutumbo, Brad Daugthery, Rik Smits, etc). Let's see how good you really are Dwight.

LeBron James VS the Detroit "Bad Boys" Pistons defense.

Michael Jordan's 1991/92 Bulls VS 1985/86 Celtics, 1986/87 Lakers and 1988/89 Pistons.

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Dennis Rodman vs. Ron Artest

Dennis Rodman vs. Ron Artest

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Without a basketball

Without a basketball

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I'd love to see Durant vs

I'd love to see Durant vs Pippen - if anyone had the length and quickness to lock hin up it's Pip, who was a lot taller than his listed 6'7/8.

Also would love to see Isiah Thomas vs the PGs of today; Rose, Westbrook and even Iverson.

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