Great Teams top the Draft.... TOP 10 TEAMS IN THE DRAFT

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Great Teams top the Draft.... TOP 10 TEAMS IN THE DRAFT

Great Teams top the Draft.... but a few not so great teams get it right ATLEAST this year

there is a reason why the Lakers, Spurs, Rockets and Nuggets are four of the best team in the nba and following their draft this year just shows why they will all be in the hunt for a title.

Top 10 Draft grades:

10. Phx. -- there is no question that the suns are starting to rebuild but to be able to have earl clark fall to them at 14 is something to ease the pain of the upcoming season.

9. Tor. -- the raptors must have been wondering how in the world did minn. pass on Derozan but to be able to select one of the few players that could be an all star in a few years equals a great draft for a team that will be in the playoff hunt next year.

8. Cha. -- the bobcats draft is a sucess b/c both their picks(g.henderson and d. brown) will have an impact on their roster next year but is it possible that their 2nd round pick is a better player in a couple of years.

7. Sac. -- You heard it here first T. Evans is going to be the 09-10 ROY!!

6. Lac. -- for the clippers to do anything positive is a win. B. Griffin won't be a legendary player or anything like that but he will be a solid piece to a team that is headed in the right direction. Will that be as a Clipper?

5. Hou. -- for a team with no picks they made a couple of a moves to get a couple of good value picks. J. Taylor has the chance to be a guy off the bench that can fill up the basket. C. Budinger was a player i didn't like as a first rounder but at 44 there is no risk at all involved so if he isn't motivated by this you know he isn't maded for the league.

4. Den. -- C. Billups has two maybe three years lefted on those legs so getting his future replacement who will be the back up right for the get go is very impressive for a future first round that wouldn't be as high as the 18th pick.

3. Mem. -- the grizzles won't make any noise this year but look for the grizzles to start turning the corner in a couple of years with the defensive focus placed on this years draft they finally are starting to get it!

2. Lal. -- alot of you maybe saying to yourself what the f**k but understand something GREAT teams do things for a reason and the lakers sold the 29th pick for 3 mil. and the 2nd round for some more cash which will go towards paying the luxury tax that they will be knee deep in after signing both t. ariza and l. odom.... and when you can bring back a championship team you've done a GREAT job!

1. SA. -- the r. jefferson deal was a great lead into the draft... were once again the spurs by selecting d. blair show us why they will be in the playoffs and back this year as a real title contender. look for blair to have the same type of sucess like a few players taken in the 2nd round in the past few years: p. millsap, c. laundry and j. maxiell

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The Lakers
My issue for the Lakers is that they needed a player like Douglas and it's not like they wouldn't have been able to resign Odom or Ariza by drafting him. They simply didn't want to pay luxury tax, and that's not a championship attitude to me.
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i think the suns should be higher with the fact that they were the ones behind the warriors drafting stephen curry in a trade where the suns get curry and possibly biedrens and promising young PF brandon wright

wait where is my knicks??? they draft hill and toney douglas and they get no love smh

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oklahoma city .

oklahoma city .

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agreed. Where the heck is

agreed. Where the heck is OKC. You do realize that their roster is complete with this draft now. Pheonix? No. Starting to rebuild is not a good thing.

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