Great slate of NBA games on ABC today

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Great slate of NBA games on ABC today

Very, very polarizing games on today. About to kick off with Miami at Boston. Unfortunately, I just heard Rondo is out with a hyperextended knee and on his way to the hospital. Big hit for the television audience and a critical blow to the Celtics chances to win the game. Also, the C's start Sully today, which I think is a great call. Can the C's pull it out? If Miami plays up to their potential and are engaged with no Rondo, it could be a loooong day for Beantown. I hope they show some heart.

Next up afterward, you got the Thunder vs the Lakeshow. I just want to see if the Lakers can even keep it competitive. What's the percentage in your opinion they could even pull out a W? 30-40%? Higher, lower?

I'll tell ya what, these games sure looked better before the season started. Still though, looking forward to spending a rainy day in St Louis in front of the tv watching some NBA ball.

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Big blow to the celtics... Rondo's out for the season.. Im really wondering who is going to replace rajon rondo for the all star game?

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