GREAT night in the NBA!!!

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GREAT night in the NBA!!!

& has it been the best noght in the nba so far this season?? it has it all..

superstars show up LeBron 28-10-8 Durant 35-6-5-5 Bosh 24&18(!) Wade 28 Timmy 20/15/4/4

Rondo continues his show 22&15

K-Love came back with 34pts and 14rebs

young stars show up

George 35points Hibbert amazing 11blks

my guy JV another double double 16/10

Henson surprised with 17&18! in only 27minutes

also FOUR overtime games, Lakers lost to Kings, Knicks to Mavs..

just WOW!

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Damn, and I went to dinner

Damn, and I went to dinner and a movie with my GF.

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Thunder put Chris Paul on lock down and force him to 2-14 FG.

Kobe 38 points on 11-20 FG, 5-9 3PT and 11-13 FT... Having probably the most efficient start to a season of his career.

The Bobcats won again... 6-4 record! They have the 7th best record in the NBA lol.

*Jeremy Pargo* steps up to score 28 in place of Kyrie Irving to lead Cavs past 76ers

OJ Mayo scores 27 points to lead Mavs past Knicks... Looking like a star. He's playing the best basketball of his career.

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Kobe is playing amazingly

Kobe is playing amazingly efficient this year but you can't leave out his 7 turnovers last night. They lost the game and those turnovers were part of the problem

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I think Howard and Gasol

I think Howard and Gasol shooting a combined 5-14 and only scoring 15 points was a bigger part of the problem.

Gasol can't get outplayed by Jason Thompson.

Kings 50 points in the paint.

Lakers 22 points in the paint.

That was the problem, not Kobe's turnovers.

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@TallmanNYC Lol then you had


Lol then you had a better night than all of us who stayed home to watch the games

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you forgot to say the refs

you forgot to say the refs rigged the bobcats game against the raps....that was ridiculous. i watched the entire game seeing derozan get hacked and fouled like crazy in the paint with no calls at all. and thats fine i guess cuz he doesnt deserve any superstar treatment yet...but on the very last play of the game where bargs took that jumpshot...the defender hit his forearm and the ball made it half way to the rim was so obvious that it wasnt a block either cuz if you have ever watched bargs play his jumpshot doesnt get blocked because of his height and he was guarded by walker and taylor...even the replay showed the foul. stupid refs.

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James Harden

had 28 points 4 boards and 3 ast to go along with 5 steals in a win against the Bulls. Dude's pretty much the second best sg in the league behind only Kobe. Wade looks like he's lost his explosiveness, still effective but I'd give Harden the edge at this point.

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Korver also with a game

Korver also with a game winning 3 to keep the Wizards winless lol

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